29 July 2014

It's done!

When is a painting done?  I always say it's done when I start believing what I see.. and it wasn't different with this work.  As it was developing it moved through the usual creative steps which I think is not new to the creatives: excitement, play, joy at being busy with the stuff, looking, thinking, wondering, doubt, disappointment, despair, rejection, recklessness, doggedness, keeping on keeping on, standing back, thinking, hoping, looking, thinking, relaxing, tweaking, seeing, believing, little more tweaking, then stop and look, I might even be in love a little :-)

title 'urban dwellers', acrylic and graphite on stretched canvas, 760mm x 1020mm x 35mm available from Black Door Gallery

21 July 2014


and how typical... starting to doubt everything about the work.. colour, shapes, orientation and subject matter, and feeling the need to 'start over' and cover the whole thing in gesso.. trying to find 'worthiness', looking desperately for something to hold back the 'destroy' urge

inner thoughts telling me 'it's always good to give it time, turn it to face the wall for a while.. might even take it to the mirror for an inverted look.  sometimes there's a surprise there'

so here it is, title for now: "on ice" ;-)

14 July 2014


and here she is again, progressing towards something solid.  thought I'd share this WIP that started out with no plan.  still working with no plan, just going with the flow ;-)

760mm x 1010mm house paint, acrylic, graphite on stretched canvas

9 July 2014

permission to paint

How hard can it be to start a new painting?  Hard, I tell you, when you're all painted out and with nothing more to say.  Then the loyal painter will turn up at the easel, squeeze out, grab a tool and get busy.  Well, that's what I did today, with the added freedom I allowed myself of "no rules, no regulations, no theory, no nothing" just an open palette, an open mind and an open canvas ready to receive with thanks and no complaints.  So today there were no "ugly, mistake, wrong, poor, weak, purposeless" in the vocabulary and slowly on my easel something happened - this totally free, uncomplicated, unplanned, un-overthought and -overworked song started to find a voice. I'd stopped thinking, intuitively scrubbing in colour and just enjoying the freedom I gave myself.  I'm now convinced (anew) that it's all about the process of making, with me just turning up.  That's all that's needed.  Simple.

unfinished, acrylic and graphite on stretched canvas 760mm x 1010mm

17 February 2014

Arts in Oxford 2014

A quick visual update on the current show in Oxford, New Zealand - compliments to the curator.

On the wall is "Mary's One" and "My Little Lamb" on the right.  The beautiful bowl is by Neil Hey.

LTR: Blue Bird, Sleep my Baabaa Sleep, Dawn, People of the Land, The Composer, and the ceramic work by Hugh Ricard and Stephen Robertson.

On till 12 March 2014 - with Lauryne Hart and Donna Massey.

4 February 2014

Exhibition time

So January has come and gone.. and it's time for this lovely big show at Arts in Oxford, 42 Main Street, Oxford - opening this Saturday the 8th of February and running until the 12th of March.

People, Places & Pigment has been a work in progress for the last 4 months and more, and it's been lovely to work together with Lauryne Hart and Donna Massey on this one.

The first 9 works on my website are the works that will be available through this show.

Dawn - oil on canvas, 610 x 610 x 35mm $1090

Back soon with more news.. e^)

8 January 2014

CS50 et al

Sometimes life takes interesting turns and this new year has me excited about a couple of creative things.  I feel strongly that my life was plotted out long before my birth and that I'm slowly, piece by piece, making decisions and discovering the puzzle that was always there.  Like a Wasgij?  :-)  

There is this CS50 course that has just started online - so lo and behold I'm studying Computer Science at Harvard this year, sitting comfortably in my studio in Auckland, New Zealand.  MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) is an exciting way of dipping these old toes in unfamiliar waters.  

Also excited about  the NZ Art Journal swap organized by Cath Sheard for a small number of NZ artists.  Each artist works on a double page spread, then send the art journal on like a round robin. At the end it is bound to be something out of this world.  Here is the start of my one..

my first 'spread'
Working hard still on the rather large exhibition in Oxford NZ next month, but more about that in a next post.. In the meantime, I have work in Gallery Helena Bay and Monterey Art Gallery, as well as two works in The Garden Art Studio

And the year is just one week, and a bit, old..

See soon

1 January 2014

2014 is here..

..and suddenly another year has gone by, never to return again... catching me asking all sorts of questions about life being short and sweating the small stuff.  Again.  New year's resolutions?  Pass.  They don't work.  But I do feel like chopping and changing my pattern though, such as spending more time on here..

Working on a three woman show opening February in Art in Oxford gallery - showing with Lauryne Hart and Donna Massey.  Here's a sneak peek of one of the paintings I'm working on

With 9 plus paintings per each of the three artists it's a big exhibition and should be colourful at least :-)

Happy New Year to all my family and friends, may 2014 be a great one for us all.

till next time

9 May 2013

Winter Fuzzies

At last winter has arrived, with rain, wind, cold and lots of indoor opportunities like eating, drinking, painting, eating and did I mention drinking?  Tea of course.  So it's all about getting the layers on, getting nice and toasty and then squeezing out.. mixing.. and slapping it on the canvas.  Nice and slow. And if you know me there will be lots of wiping off and trying again LOL...

Good opportunities too for taking part in a couple of group shows, the first of these is the Original Art Sale 17 - 19 May 2013 and it's held annually in the Vodafone Events Centre, 770 Great South Road, Manukau, Auckland.

Four oil paintings are waiting in the stock room..

 Good Book, 760 x 500 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas $600
now sold

Knit Knot Tree, 1020 x 510 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $900
now sold

 Done and Dusted, 600 x 600 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $850
now sold

Pearl Tree, 1016 x 760 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $1200

There are bigger pictures on my webpage .. thanks for visiting my blogspot ;-) ..till next time

PS The troublesome 'project 2013' has finally crashed.. woe is me.  So in it's place I have some exciting things happening - watch this space :-) !!  ..e^)

1 April 2013

week 14 - another grateful journal

and here she is... another scrumptious leather bound book ready to use as a grateful journal.  Just add your own sentiments and chimera and make it your own..

It's available from felt.co.nz - and will ship anywhere in the world.

Thanks for watching my blog - my oil paintings are here if you'd like to see what I do apart from play around on this blog ;-)  - see soon ..e^)

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