17 December 2007

Mona's Sister

I can't believe it - number 52! Introducing Mona's Sister, another miniature (10cm x 10cm) and done as a commission. I am still thinking about the direction of this blog, whether I will continue with the weekly paintings or do something different for 2008. Will let you know as soon as I know... in the mean time:

To each and everyone watching my blog for one whole year - and those that watched in between - I wish for you a peaceful, happy, safe Christmas time. All the best for 2008 - God be with you all. Love, Erika.

13 December 2007

My Thoughts Exactly

Little painting number 51 - the last one for 2007 is already taking shape in my head... This one's size is 300mm x 200mm x 35mm and it's done in flesh tones and alizarin crimson and burnt umber and it's about thoughts that you can read on someone's face - especially the ones that you know so well. Thanks for looking! e^)

8 December 2007

My Mona

My Mona is work number 50 for 2007 - only two more to go... It is a tiny work (10cm x 10cm) and in oil as usual and available for a short time on Trade me
Thanks for faithfully having a look at my blog each week - even though I'm not that punctual. I'm thinking about what to do for next year with this blog.. any tips, anybody? Till next week, have a great one.

30 November 2007

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet in this case consists of an ice cream in each hand - how else could you balance on a shoelace? Week 49's little painting is on its way to Vita Rossa gallery in Te Horo, Kapiti Coast, NZ, along with a few other works of mine. If you're lucky enough to be in the area during the holidays, be sure to check it out.. thanks for popping in.. e^)

18 November 2007

Time Out

Week 48.. Time Out is 255mm x 255mm x 35mm and in oil, roughly the size you see when you click on the image. I used white, raw sienna and burnt umber to try and capture a feeling of space and airiness, although slightly breezy. It is on auction here.. thanks for looking.

13 November 2007

Soul Patch II

I'm doing a small number of really tiny oil paintings - miniatures - and sell them on Trade Me
This one is 100mm x 100mm x 10mm, stretched canvas, sides painted and spells out the New Zealand I know and see, especially over Christmas when the Pohutukawa's are in full, red bloom. It works like music to the soul.. thanks for the visit, this is week 47's post.

8 November 2007

Comfortable Groove

It's not so bad being in a rut, see? Little painting nr 46 of the 52 for this year. Measurements are 305mm x 305mm x 35mm and I used oil again. My camera records the red as an orange, so get your pink glasses on for this one... thanks for the visit!

5 November 2007

In A Rut

Just finished a new one for week 45 - oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang and available on Trade Me for this week. I enjoyed painting this! Till next time... ciao.

The Rose

Week 44 came and went and I didn't even notice - was I even here? So here is a plate I painted in china painting class - loved it. It was a gift for my dear MIL who has it on her wall in the lounge. Will be back soon with another post...

18 October 2007

Miss B and the Moon Flowers

Miss B features again for week 43, this time picking flowers that look awfully much like moon flowers. She'll be preparing some sort of a potion so come back again next week if you want to know what she's up to.. and thanks for the visit anyway.
(Oh yes, the painting is in oil, 255x255x15mm and sold.) e^)

16 October 2007

Auckland Night Life

The Yellow Pages Group art awards voting is open this week.. please have a look at their website and feel free to vote for my little hedgehog in the Auckland section, thanks! I used my husband's discarded business cards to build up this collage of a hedgehog (a shy little night animal living in the city). Then used some acrylic paint to add colour..Will be back with another little painting soon.. thanks for your visit.

10 October 2007

Bring Some Flowers

Week 42, hello! Here we go with another whimsical one with bikes and poppies and a crazy man that thinks picking poppies in the rain is fun. I couldn't capture the real colours, will replace the picture tomorrow. Thanks for looking - see you next week...e^)

2 October 2007

Barbra the Great

Daylight saving of 1 hour per day means that we have more time, no? More time to paint.... This is little work no 40 for this blog - 400mm x 300mm x 15mm - oil. Done on a recycled canvas, texture of the previous work visible on the face. Thanks for popping in to have a look at what I'm doing.

26 September 2007


Week 39/52 and I'm late again, but not never.. with this whimsical, fantasy work called Duet. It is 308 x 308 x 15mm on a high quality linen canvas that has the most wonderful drum sound when you tap it... marvellous. Funny that it worked out that way, with the musical theme also. I'm listing this on Trade Me again for a week - thanks for the visit! e^)

16 September 2007

Colour Landscape

Week 38 celebrated with a Landscape in Colour.. I pulled out all the stops and plastered the colour on, mixing here and there and playing with texture. This took months to dry - and is still tender in places, but surface dry. Size 380 x 380 x 35mm and on Trade Me. Thanks for popping in again!

7 September 2007

LEI for my Love

Ahead of schedule for a change with little painting number 37 - and it's about lei making, a fascinating hand craft found the world over, but traditional in the Pacific regions. Luscious, luxurious leis - I love them. This painting is 380 x 380 x 35mm and available on Trade Me
for a week or so. Bye... E^)

4 September 2007

Useless Brollie and Peace

Making up for lost ground this week with two entries - one each for week 35 and 36. The first one is titled Useless Brollie. Size 380mm x 380mm x 35mm and done in dark blue green and white.

The second one is titled Peace and is the same size 380mm x 380mm x 35mm and done in raw umber and white on an ochre underpainting.
Both are listed on Trade Me for a week. Thanks for watching my workings! E^)


25 August 2007

Underwater World

Week what? 35... no 34, sorry I've lost count a bit. Hopefully I'll find my feet again soon, sometimes everything happens at the same time. This painting was done in layers and over a stretch of time. As it happens with this sort of thing, you never know when it's finished. So I needed a painting for the blog and just decided that it's time to stop wondering whether it's finished and just set it free. As is. So there you are, a square consisting of 4 triangles, measuring 560mm x 560 x 15mm in all. Available on Trade Me if you're interested in buying - that is if you're down under (no pun intended).... thanks for watching this (sometimes stagnant) blog!!!!!

17 August 2007

Face of Time

Missed the bus completely this week, but that's ok too. Sometimes good things come with a little time... LOL This painting is contructed of layers of thick oil paint in primary colours, applied with fingers and a painting knife. It took ages to dry. I promise. And I suppose it will take another year at least to dry properly, but it's touch dry now after about two months, so ready to go to a new home... It's 380 x 380 x 38mm - thanks for checking out week 33's post.

5 August 2007


380 x 380 x 38mm on stretched canvas.. with free brush strokes and runny paint, I enjoyed doing this one for week 32. Playing with the primary colours again and trying very hard not to make mud, as it's all wet! Thanks for taking a look at my experiments..

30 July 2007


This is number 31 - a little painting of an old Xhosa man, representative of one of the many different cultures in southern Africa and the native tribe of Nelson Mandela. Size 250 x 250 x 15mm and available on auction here... thanks for looking, everyone! Sold

22 July 2007

Primary Thoughts

Week 30 and well ahead of schedule - I like it when things work out...!
This painting is close to my heart, done with attitude! And it looks especially nice at night time and from a little distance.. size is 380 x 380 x 35mm, on exhibition canvas, ready to hang, available on Trade Me for a week. Thanks for looking, see you again next week! E^) Sold

15 July 2007

Miss B Making Moon Kisses

Week 29 and Miss B is doing some baking and guess what, here's the recipe...

Moon Kisses
Cream together 180g butter and 125ml sugar. Beat in 1 egg and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Add sifted ingredients: 250ml flour, 125ml cornflour, 125ml custard powder, 2.5ml baking powder and 1ml salt. Mix well, position small teaspoonsful on a greased baking sheet, bake at 200 degrees C for 7 to 10 minutes. Let cool, store in air tight container.

I thought they were rather nice, especially if you leave them till tomorrow to age and develop flavour..
Anyway, the painting is in acrylic and oils on a 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas and on auction for a week and a bit. Thanks for watching this blog... E^) Sold

6 July 2007

Miss B Doing Windows on the Moon

Week 28 and going strongly - found a new victim to paint! She's doing windows and not needing a ladder to reach... The painting is 255 x 255 x 15mm and in acrylics/oil, on auction on Trade Me for a week. Thanks for popping in and checking on my progress - hope you are keeping busy too..! :-) Sold

30 June 2007

Miss B Doing Washing On The Moon

Nice and on time this week with number 27 - experimenting with oil paint on acrylic and finding it very interesting... so I'm off into my whimsical world again and found this very busy bee working away at her washing.. which reminds me. Size 255 x 255 x 15 and available on Trade Me. Cheers.. E^) Sold

27 June 2007


Week 26 and at the halfway mark... this one is called Echo and it's really small, just 8 inches square. Done in Vandyke brown and Naples yellow. Thanks for visiting yet again.. see you next week.

20 June 2007


Almost didn't make it this week (nr 25)... but here it is. In monochrome, my delicious, favourite colours. It's about the way we look and see, or try to see.. Size is 255 x 255 x 40mm and it's available on Trade Me. Thanks for the visit, see you next week. -sold

12 June 2007

Terra Firma

Week how many.. 24, goodness, almost halfway through the year... size 255 x 255 x 15mm, about the earth and its five continents.. using strong colours (for me) on a black underpainting. Thanks for looking.. E^)

3 June 2007


Hello and thanks for the visit. This is little painting number 23 - cogito meaning "I think". Descartes said "Cogito, ergo sum" or "I think, therefore I am". Philosophical stuff which I think(!) is huff, puff and fluff more often than not... but I had to give this painting the title - (I studied Latin at high school, :-). This is the illuminated face of an indigenous people somewhere, not sleeping but deeply in thought. Size 255 x 255, oil on stretched canvas, for auction here.
See you next week.. E. Sold

26 May 2007

Tulip Duty

Number 22 - Tulip Duty - 8" square, stretched canvas, acrylic washes and India ink. My husband gave me a pot with 3 gorgeous tulips for mother's day.. dear man. Thank you for popping in, see you again next week! Sold

21 May 2007

My Little Landscape / Picking Apples

Would you believe I have two little paintings for week 21.. actually I have to confess that I finished them with the previous two weeks' paintings, so I'm not that ambitious. But I'm enjoying this journey all the same.

My Little Landscape is 200 x 200 x 18mm and textured - worked with tissue paper and gel, acrylic paint and a fake little diamond to top it off. For sale on Trade Me for people down under. Sold

Picking Apples was done in very diluted acrylic that took its own course down the painting, forming apple trees - or so I like to think. Of course I prepainted the canvas before I did the runny paint thing. The people were painted in after all had dried, apples too! 250 x 250 x 18mm and also on Trade Me. Appreciate for your regular visits - see you next week. E.

15 May 2007

Bikes and Kites

Week 20 and here we have bikes and kites - a good combination I think. That is if you have space enough and the terrain is not too rough.. I used gel and tissue paper and then dug in with paint, brushes and hands. Then added a little Indian ink and a touch of gold just for fun. The little work is 8" x 8" x 1/2" ... Thanks for looking!

9 May 2007

Home of the Birds

Small acrylic painting for week 19 - with feathers as focus, properly sealed with varnish. I used very diluted colour which took its own course through the "wood". When that was dry I painted in the birds. Size 250 x 250 x 15mm - thanks for the visit!

3 May 2007

Waisting Time...

A bit late but here it is: number 18 in the series. This is done in watercolour pencil and acrylic washes, finishing touches with a black marker. Had good fun drawing this after I thought of misspelling 'wasting time' to indicate that time is precious.. hey, think I'll go have lunch now, see you next week! (Size is 200x200x18mm and it's on Trademe.)

25 April 2007

Twin's Birthday

Hello, acrylic washes for number 17 resulting in this happy painting about birthday parties, but that's not all. I have done a collage on the back of this, "Mystic Lady", using tissue paper, found objects, pastel drawing and feathers. Size is 460x350mm, to be framed and available here. Thanks for stopping by, see you again next week..

17 April 2007

Leap of Faith

We're into week 16 already - this time in freefall, trusting there's someone out there that will be ready to catch us. And if there isn't, well then hopefully the landing will be in some trees or a huge haystack or something.. or we can quickly grow wings.. he-he. Thinking cap on again.. what will it be for next week? (The little painting is 250 x 200 x 15mm and available on Trademe)


10 April 2007

Bad Brolly Day

Week 15 and still going strong - must say, this has become quite a fun project.. a little addictive, but a great motivational tool. Bad Brolly Day is one of those where I get really excited with the process - using very thin glazes which one doesn't have very much control over. It's 200x400x35mm and for sale through Trade Me. I have NO idea what I'll work on next.. see you next week.

4 April 2007

Bee Stop

Something completely different for week 14 - it's in acrylics with found objects and paper collage. I had a play with something different and immediate for a change, no brushes, just my fingers. There's texture too and it's on a stretched canvas 260 x 260 x 35mm, for sale on TradeMe... thanks for the visit. (The bee is a picture of Jenna Clifford's jewellery www.jennaclifford.com)

28 March 2007

Rainy Day

A real wintry day today and here we are with a Rainy Day for week 13. This painting was done in about 1 minute, using paint I was clearing off my palette with the painting knife. Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly art can happen, just to be proven wrong the next day when one can sit and sweat for 3 hours working on one eye... and do it over the following day. Size is 12" x 12" or 305x305x35mm Thanks for checking my weekly blog!

22 March 2007

Under The Lilies

Okay. Finished the one I intended to use for week 12, so as it is my own blog I can be whimsical and can do what I want!!! So instead of having the (still sogging wet) one below, we'll rather auction this one - just finished it. It's also wet, mind you, but I trust it will be firm enough in a week or so. That's it! Oh yes, it's 305 x 305 x 35mm again and I'm selling it on Trade Me.. See you next week... I think.

21 March 2007

Purple Lime Light

The one that was intended for this week is not ready so have to stand over till next week. Purple Lime Light was finished a while ago and the purple paint is still too wet to touch.. so here's hoping it will dry enough so I can list it on an auction site. Thank you for visiting and checking out painting number 12...

14 March 2007

Inner Ear

Have been working on this one over the last few weeks - layering by glazing - just another experiment. I realized this morning that I need another one for this blog sort of immediately, and this painting was the first one that said: I'm ready! So here it is, number 11, called "Inner Ear" and size 305x305x35mm. Thanks for watching my weekly blog paintings! E^)

7 March 2007

Eye Believe You

Trial and error with number 10 - worked, reworked and reworked again, so now it's hands off. Sometimes one gets stuck in working the thing to death.. then it helps to down the brush, stand back and appreciate the way the thing wants to reveal itself. And then to have the grace to leave it alone! That's where I am with this one, a rather dark painting. It's listed on Trade Me
(Wow, got the link working...) Thanks for watching my little paintings... see next week.

28 February 2007

My Cats

A crazy week, but I managed to finish the ninth little painting - with not much time to spare. Hopefully next week will see me more relaxed and with a bit more time to spend on these (addictive) wee paintings. I have listed this one on We Buy, click on the title to go there. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world. See you next week, and thanks for looking.

21 February 2007

That's News

The eighth painting for this year's project - this one about masks, a theme I revisit from time to time. It's on stretched canvas, 305x305x15mm and for sale (on Trade Me) if you live in NZ or Australia.. sorry to all other worldlings. See you next week..

13 February 2007

Rachael's Sonata

Blog painting number seven, Rachael's Sonata was done using only two colours, a dark chocolate brown and white. There is a spot of red on the lips. Thick paint was plastered on the piano with a painting knife, the rest done with brushes. Size 305mm x 305mm x 15mm. I took my sweet time with this and I'm rather pleased with the way it has turned out. It sold yesterday. Thanks for the visit!

6 February 2007

Heart Land

Week 6 and on a roll.. took a little more time with this one and I think it shows... And yes, you've guessed - I love roses. The little painting is 305 x 305 x 15mm and only available to people living Down Under - click on the title. Thanks for watching... I'll be back!

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