25 August 2007

Underwater World

Week what? 35... no 34, sorry I've lost count a bit. Hopefully I'll find my feet again soon, sometimes everything happens at the same time. This painting was done in layers and over a stretch of time. As it happens with this sort of thing, you never know when it's finished. So I needed a painting for the blog and just decided that it's time to stop wondering whether it's finished and just set it free. As is. So there you are, a square consisting of 4 triangles, measuring 560mm x 560 x 15mm in all. Available on Trade Me if you're interested in buying - that is if you're down under (no pun intended).... thanks for watching this (sometimes stagnant) blog!!!!!

17 August 2007

Face of Time

Missed the bus completely this week, but that's ok too. Sometimes good things come with a little time... LOL This painting is contructed of layers of thick oil paint in primary colours, applied with fingers and a painting knife. It took ages to dry. I promise. And I suppose it will take another year at least to dry properly, but it's touch dry now after about two months, so ready to go to a new home... It's 380 x 380 x 38mm - thanks for checking out week 33's post.

5 August 2007


380 x 380 x 38mm on stretched canvas.. with free brush strokes and runny paint, I enjoyed doing this one for week 32. Playing with the primary colours again and trying very hard not to make mud, as it's all wet! Thanks for taking a look at my experiments..

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