26 September 2007


Week 39/52 and I'm late again, but not never.. with this whimsical, fantasy work called Duet. It is 308 x 308 x 15mm on a high quality linen canvas that has the most wonderful drum sound when you tap it... marvellous. Funny that it worked out that way, with the musical theme also. I'm listing this on Trade Me again for a week - thanks for the visit! e^)

16 September 2007

Colour Landscape

Week 38 celebrated with a Landscape in Colour.. I pulled out all the stops and plastered the colour on, mixing here and there and playing with texture. This took months to dry - and is still tender in places, but surface dry. Size 380 x 380 x 35mm and on Trade Me. Thanks for popping in again!

7 September 2007

LEI for my Love

Ahead of schedule for a change with little painting number 37 - and it's about lei making, a fascinating hand craft found the world over, but traditional in the Pacific regions. Luscious, luxurious leis - I love them. This painting is 380 x 380 x 35mm and available on Trade Me
for a week or so. Bye... E^)

4 September 2007

Useless Brollie and Peace

Making up for lost ground this week with two entries - one each for week 35 and 36. The first one is titled Useless Brollie. Size 380mm x 380mm x 35mm and done in dark blue green and white.

The second one is titled Peace and is the same size 380mm x 380mm x 35mm and done in raw umber and white on an ochre underpainting.
Both are listed on Trade Me for a week. Thanks for watching my workings! E^)


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