25 April 2007

Twin's Birthday

Hello, acrylic washes for number 17 resulting in this happy painting about birthday parties, but that's not all. I have done a collage on the back of this, "Mystic Lady", using tissue paper, found objects, pastel drawing and feathers. Size is 460x350mm, to be framed and available here. Thanks for stopping by, see you again next week..

17 April 2007

Leap of Faith

We're into week 16 already - this time in freefall, trusting there's someone out there that will be ready to catch us. And if there isn't, well then hopefully the landing will be in some trees or a huge haystack or something.. or we can quickly grow wings.. he-he. Thinking cap on again.. what will it be for next week? (The little painting is 250 x 200 x 15mm and available on Trademe)


10 April 2007

Bad Brolly Day

Week 15 and still going strong - must say, this has become quite a fun project.. a little addictive, but a great motivational tool. Bad Brolly Day is one of those where I get really excited with the process - using very thin glazes which one doesn't have very much control over. It's 200x400x35mm and for sale through Trade Me. I have NO idea what I'll work on next.. see you next week.

4 April 2007

Bee Stop

Something completely different for week 14 - it's in acrylics with found objects and paper collage. I had a play with something different and immediate for a change, no brushes, just my fingers. There's texture too and it's on a stretched canvas 260 x 260 x 35mm, for sale on TradeMe... thanks for the visit. (The bee is a picture of Jenna Clifford's jewellery www.jennaclifford.com)

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