26 May 2007

Tulip Duty

Number 22 - Tulip Duty - 8" square, stretched canvas, acrylic washes and India ink. My husband gave me a pot with 3 gorgeous tulips for mother's day.. dear man. Thank you for popping in, see you again next week! Sold

21 May 2007

My Little Landscape / Picking Apples

Would you believe I have two little paintings for week 21.. actually I have to confess that I finished them with the previous two weeks' paintings, so I'm not that ambitious. But I'm enjoying this journey all the same.

My Little Landscape is 200 x 200 x 18mm and textured - worked with tissue paper and gel, acrylic paint and a fake little diamond to top it off. For sale on Trade Me for people down under. Sold

Picking Apples was done in very diluted acrylic that took its own course down the painting, forming apple trees - or so I like to think. Of course I prepainted the canvas before I did the runny paint thing. The people were painted in after all had dried, apples too! 250 x 250 x 18mm and also on Trade Me. Appreciate for your regular visits - see you next week. E.

15 May 2007

Bikes and Kites

Week 20 and here we have bikes and kites - a good combination I think. That is if you have space enough and the terrain is not too rough.. I used gel and tissue paper and then dug in with paint, brushes and hands. Then added a little Indian ink and a touch of gold just for fun. The little work is 8" x 8" x 1/2" ... Thanks for looking!

9 May 2007

Home of the Birds

Small acrylic painting for week 19 - with feathers as focus, properly sealed with varnish. I used very diluted colour which took its own course through the "wood". When that was dry I painted in the birds. Size 250 x 250 x 15mm - thanks for the visit!

3 May 2007

Waisting Time...

A bit late but here it is: number 18 in the series. This is done in watercolour pencil and acrylic washes, finishing touches with a black marker. Had good fun drawing this after I thought of misspelling 'wasting time' to indicate that time is precious.. hey, think I'll go have lunch now, see you next week! (Size is 200x200x18mm and it's on Trademe.)

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