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it's my cello and I can play it any way I want

red jandals

poppyana again

muse of music

halala afrika

change of heart

mama africa

going home

in your good books

good balance

poppyana in 3D

my gift to you

this is for you

fellow travellers

Parua Bay Gallery


Parua Bay Gallery

blue bird

looking after the small fish

five on a string


father earth

walking the cat

Parua Bay Gallery

clay mask

no worries...

three pearls .. little gem 64

bed of flowers - little gem #63

little gem shoes...

dream on - little gem #60

shooting stars - little gem 59

potato head and the humongous pearl...

jester's kip - little gem #57


rose blanket.. little gem 56

think poppies - little gem 55

keeper of the wild flowers - LG 54

Warning: copyright issues

brave bird - little gem #53

Topiary Orange (Little Gem 52)

shell bearer

Poppy Dreamer

Fauna Watcher

Mellow Baby - Little Gem 48

Ships Passing - Little Gem 47

My Little Africa LG #46

In the land of Nod -Little Gem 45

my house my ark