31 December 2008

it's my cello and I can play it any way I want

Had great fun with acrylics and gold paint as well as coloured pencils. This is 400 x 200 x 35mm on stretched canvas, strung and ready to hang. Everything is possible if one think outside the square: yes, you can play a cello with red gloves on (I said nothing about the sound, did I?)... yes, you can play it holding it to the left (I said nothing about correct technique either)... and yes, you can wear the sheet music on your head LOL!! As long as you keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground. Well, most of the time anyway. Hey, have a great, wonderful, safe, peaceful, healthy and blessed 2009 now - thanks for stopping by.. greetings, Erika.

16 December 2008

red jandals

Poppyana in red jandals - this time painted in oils on 400 x 200 x 38mm stretched canvas. I love flip flops.. e^)

poppyana again

Here's another of these handmade cotton wall dolls - this one has long hair and wears stripey pants, crochet dress and red jandals. The koru (necklet) is the final very New Zealand touch... e^)

12 December 2008

muse of music

400 x 200 x 35mm stretched canvas with acrylic paint in glazes.. just for fun and to celebrate music! Thanks for the visit..e^)

10 December 2008

halala afrika

This was inspired by the Soweto Gospel Singers and a song by Johannes Kerkorrel called Halala Afrika. It is 400 x 200 x 38mm and painted in acrylics on stretched canvas, for sale here. Thanks for visiting my blog..e^)

5 December 2008

change of heart

This is a rework of 'looking after the small fish' of a few weeks ago. I added more colour and think it almost finished...LOL The size is 255 x 255 x 15mm and comes with the display easel. It's available on auction at the moment. Thanks for looking..e^)

29 November 2008

mama africa

Oil painting on stretched canvas 400 x 300 x 18mm - in ethnic African style. I might just put a darker glaze on the face still, maybe. Enjoyed playing with those bright colours.. e^)

27 November 2008

going home

Small acrylic painting - 100 x 300 x 15mm featuring a steam train on full speed.. I can hear the clickety clack of the wheels on the tracks. This will be for sale soon, thanks for taking a look..e^)

23 November 2008

in your good books

As a child I've always wondered what exactly was in your good books? How do you stay in somebody's good books unless you're made of paper? Anyway, this little work is on textured surface and done in acrylics, it's 300 x 300 x 35mm and for sale. See trade me Thanks for looking..e^)

20 November 2008

good balance

I found this cute little canvas in the shops this week, it's 300mm x 100mm x 18mm and was begging for some weird stilts. A question: how do people get on these things? Same for those really high unicycles.. if you fall off, how do you get on again, or do you just go home? 8-) Thanks for looking..e^)

16 November 2008

poppyana in 3D

Having fun with Poppyana in 3D - knitted in cotton thread and painted up in acrylics. Added glass pebbles give her some weight and she seems happy to be displayed as wall doll. For sale on Trade Me for this week - she could make a lovely handmade gift to someone special.. thanks for looking..e^) (Copyright 2008)

15 November 2008

my gift to you

Bringing you another Flora, I mean flower - 400 x 200 x 35mm in oil on stretched canvas. This one will be available on Trade Me soon.. thanks for looking..e^)

14 November 2008

this is for you

Oil on canvas, 400 x 200 x 35mm and ready to hang. A small painting ideal as a gift, the first in a small Christmas series for 2008. Flora brings you a flower.. e^)

12 November 2008

fellow travellers

Playing a little with odd looking figures - this is 250 x 250 x 35mm and on auction this week. It is in acrylics and I'm quite pleased with the effect of back lighting. Each figure carries a koru (fern frond) and a pearl. I love pearls.. thanks for looking..e^)

29 October 2008

Parua Bay Gallery

Another sleepy face painting with lilies this time, available from Parua Bay Gallery - 255x255x35mm oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Have a look at my web gallery for larger paintings that are part of this exhibition too - thanks for looking! e^)

26 October 2008


255 x 255 x 35mm in oils - available from Parua Bay Gallery, see below... e^)

25 October 2008

Parua Bay Gallery

'poppy dreams' is part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery. Ten of my works are exhibited from 25 October till 16 November along with works by Ingrid Boot, Phillina den Dulk, Lauren Worsley, Janet Bothner-by, Daniel McDonald, Debra Fallowfield and Carolyn Parry. Hope you can have a look! -directions-

24 October 2008

blue bird

Had some fun with acrylics and gel, then accentuated what the picture dictated to me and would you know it, here's a weird little painting that has a joker, a kite, a blue bird, a tree, a flock of birds, fish and last, not least, a skull - all done with blue, sienna and white. Size is 255 x 255 x 35mm and it's for sale. Thanks for having a look! e^)

20 October 2008

looking after the small fish

I have a soft spot for all the little animals.. the big ones should be able to care for themselves I think. This painting was done on a lightly textured surface - I used acrylics which I then stressed a little, just to emphasize the texture. The acrylics are the interactive ones which might just suit me better.. thanks for looking e^)

16 October 2008

five on a string

Five on a string is part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery opening 25 October 2008 so if you're in the area do have a look as there are many more pieces by various artists in this annual exhibition. This little work is 255 x 255 x 35mm, done in oils and available at $150NZD. Contact the gallery at paruabgallery @ xtra . co . nz (remove spaces!) or go here

6 October 2008


This is for sale for this week - thanks to all and everyone who buy my art.. e^)

father earth

Father Earth is for sale through trade me for this week, this one being one of my favourites. I've held on to it for a while but the time has come to set it free.. It is about us as inhabitants of this earth (why do we say mother earth and not father earth? Is a mother more loving and caring towards her children than a father?).. It's also about a reciprocal goodness going round - the earth will look after us if we look after this earth. Or you can skip the waffle and just enjoy the painting for what it is... fishies swimming in the dust LOL!

30 September 2008

walking the cat

305x305x35mm in acrylic - it's all about the odd things that cross one's path in a lifetime. My cat was a nondescript nonconformist who had an Alsatian for a best pal. The walks were just a part of life really and I never worked out at what point he would disappear to be able to welcome us back home, sitting licking his paws on the doorstep waiting for us. His name? Stephanus Hermanus Kiddemaus Kat. We'll meet again.

24 September 2008

Parua Bay Gallery

You are invited to the opening of the fourth annual exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery on the 25th of October at 1pm. The gallery is situated in a lovely bay, 20 minutes from Whangarei in the North Island of New Zealand. Contact details are here... or click on the invitation. e^)

17 September 2008

clay mask

Thought I'd show and tell this one today: I made this from air dry clay and then let my acrylic paints loose on it. Topped it off with a little rubbed over gold and there you are, a nice and heavy mask with a head dress in all the colours of the rainbow. It is ready to hang. On the wall I mean. Thanks for looking..e^)

10 September 2008

no worries...

Just finished this, in acrylics on stretched canvas - it's about the complete rest that sleep brings... everything seems better in the mornings not? Yup, you guessed it, I'm a morning person. Birds chirping, sun shining, teeth brushed and bed made - ready for the next sleep! It's 350 x 450 x 18mm.. thanks for popping in..e^)

22 August 2008

three pearls .. little gem 64

three pearls on a string and finally she's woken from her sleep? As always in oil and 300 x 300 x 15mm - stretched canvas no framing needed. I painted the face, then started playing with glazing effects, then dribbled some more and decided to stop just there. You know how it is, before too long the painting changes into something completely different, well, this one must sell now as I feel a great big rework coming on... please someone, save her!! LOLe^)

19 August 2008

bed of flowers - little gem #63

Naperville native Paul Sereno again has made a startling discovery: the Sahara Desert once was green.

The world-renowned paleontologist and his team came to this conclusion when they stumbled upon an ancient graveyard while searching for dinosaur bones. The graveyard, which contains the remains of two civilizations that lived more than 1,000 years apart, includes a triple burial. The skeleton of a woman lay in an embrace with two children, and evidence of pollen suggests they were put to rest on a bed of flowers 5,000 years ago in what is now the barren Sahara Desert. The slender arms of the youngsters were still extended to the woman in perpetual embrace when researchers discovered their skeletons in a remarkable cemetery that is providing clues to two ancient civilizations who lived there.

This 300x300x15mm painting is in oil, stretched and ready to hang. E^)

18 August 2008

little gem shoes...

Two little paintings, both 10"x10" on stretched canvas, ready to hang, both done in oil. I experimented with over the top high heels, and decorated them a bit with "gems" - they do look good as a pair - pity they're both for the left foot...LOL Thanks for popping in..e^)

16 August 2008

dream on - little gem #60

300x300x15mm in oil - still doing peaceful sleepy faces, maybe this one is dreaming, who knows? This is on studio stretched canvas, very wet and hanging as is. Thanks for the visit! e^)

7 August 2008

shooting stars - little gem 59

255x255x35mm oil on stretched canvas already hanging - can you balance on a tight rope and shoot stars, then hang them on the said rope? Thought you couldn't. Well, I can and did. Okay, in my head then... fun, this.

6 August 2008

potato head and the humongous pearl...

potato head had been collecting pearls for ever. The problem came when he found this one.. oh how to get it home! 255 x 255 x 35mm in acrylics..e^)

3 August 2008

jester's kip - little gem #57

Hey a joker's got to have time out too.. this is in oil and 255 x 255 x 20mm and still wet. Still into the sleepy faces - fascinating! Thanks for popping in here to see what I'm up to.. e^)

31 July 2008


I like to recycle canvas from time to time - this one was built up over a period of time. It is a little bigger than the Little Gems at 510x510x35mm and started off as Nebula... ended up as My Nebula Mask. In oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang. I like the little gold nugget that ended up below the face.. thanks for looking! e^)

27 July 2008

rose blanket.. little gem 56

The latest in this series, size 255 x 255 x 20mm, oil on stretched canvas. I love the little roses on the blanket - my favourite flower.. thanks for popping in.

24 July 2008

think poppies - little gem 55

Little Gem 55 - still having fun with oil on canvas, this time she's thinking poppy thoughts.. size 255x255x20mm or 10"x10" stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for taking a look at my blog..e^)
..and it's sold..

22 July 2008

keeper of the wild flowers - LG 54

Little Gem 54 is oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang without framing. Size 255 x 255 x 35mm or 10" x 10" exhibition canvas. Two realities in one, the keeper and nature - I love wild flowers. Thanks for popping in to have a look..e^)

15 July 2008

Warning: copyright issues

This little work is part of a collaborative work currently on display and for sale, with my permission. Also prints of the work are available for sale. As I prefer to sell one off originals, individual prints of my little work will not be available - but keep an eye out for my 'little gems' on trade me - they are part of an ongoing series of unique little works, oil or mixed media on stretched canvas and ready to hang without having to frame them. You can also keep an eye on this blog as I always post the new ones on here as well. Thanks for the interest in my work.. e^)

14 July 2008

brave bird - little gem #53

Oil on stretched canvas, 400x300x15mm about a big noise and ruffling of feathers with colourful bravado.. check those painted toenails! Chased off the cat, no less.. e^)

4 July 2008

Topiary Orange (Little Gem 52)

Miniature painting in oil size 100 x 100 x 15mm - this just found it's way onto the canvas, wasn't planned - I love oranges, especially Navels. Thanks for popping in to have a look..e^)

30 June 2008

shell bearer

A second one along the same lines as the one below, adding a little bit more colour.. size 255 x 255mm on stretched canvas, edges painted charcoal. Thanks for the visit.. e^)

27 June 2008

Poppy Dreamer

The picture is grainy as the light is not good today, but here it is... in oil and 255 x 255 on stretched canvas. Having fun still!


19 June 2008

Fauna Watcher

Small oil on canvas, still wet, size 12x6" stretched canvas. Watching the birds and fish or watching over them? I like to think both..:-) Again I'm intrigued with two realities in one and experimenting with it. Thanks for popping in to see what I'm up to.. e^)

15 June 2008

Mellow Baby - Little Gem 48

Sleepy in oil this time, 12 x 6 inches or 300 x 150mm, stretched canvas. I'm lingering in the land of nod still and sometimes can't believe the images that work their way onto my canvas. I had nothing to do with it. Honest. I just put the paint down!
Thanks for the visit..e^)

10 June 2008

Ships Passing - Little Gem 47

Still experimenting with sleeping faces within a landscape. This is acrylic again, 250 x 250 x 35mm and listed on TM - see left. Thanks for stopping by.. e^)


5 June 2008

My Little Africa LG #46

Oil on a little canvas 210 x 140 x 15mm reflecting on Africa.

3 June 2008

In the land of Nod -Little Gem 45

Having a little bit of fun with acrylic - 8" x 8" stretched canvas, and still fascinated by faces, especially expressionless sleepy ones - they seem so peaceful, as if in a land of no pain... Okay, where's the next canvas, thanks for the visit!

29 May 2008

my house my ark

You may remember old Noah's ark.. well I've reworked it and decided to make it my own. So there you have it - my house my ark! It's still 255 x 255 and done in acrylics - available on trade me for a while. Thanks for the visit! E^)

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