25 April 2008

Up And Away

Up And Away is a miniature oil on canvas, about 7 x 9 x 1cm and comes with the little display easel. Available from trade me for a week, so if you're interested have a look. e^)


21 April 2008

Family Ties

Small oil painting depicting cabbage trees tied together.. done in Naples yellow, burnt sienna and Indian red - size 140 x 200 x 15mm and for sale on trademe for a week.

Cabbage Tree (Cordyline australis)

The cabbage tree is a familiar sight in swamps or dampish places throughout New Zealand vegetation. It is also planted occasionally in gardens and parks and has been introduced into horticulture overseas. It reaches heights of 40 ft at its maximum development with diameters of 1–4 ft. The crown is made up of long, bare branches carrying bushy heads of large, grasslike leaves 2–3 ft long. Early settlers used the young leaves from the centre of these heads as a substitute for cabbage – hence the common name. At flowering time large panicles of small, white, sweet-scented flowers emerge from the centre of the heads. Good flowering seasons occur every few years only. It is said that they foretell dry summers but, from observation, they usually follow dry seasons. Small, whitish berries are formed which are readily eaten by birds. The tree is very tenacious of life, and chips of the wood or sections of the stem will readily shoot. The leaves contain a high percentage of long fibres which are occasionally extracted. -1966 Encyclopaedia of NZ

Thanks for the visit! Erika


12 April 2008

I'm Flying..

Pick some wild flowers, then hop on a bike and fly a kite? Do not try this at home, LOL. This is a miniature, only 70mm x 90mm and the easel comes with it. Enjoyed painting this with my oo and 000 brushes - fun!


11 April 2008

En Plein Air

Miss B on the moon, en plein air painting and doing very well it seems. I'm jealous. There's no dust, no wind, no nosy (s)talkers and the scenery doesn't seem to pose any problems as in light that changes too fast or impromptu showers. Nice large painting too. LOL This one is on trademe for a week, size 255 x 255 x 15mm in oil. Thanks for looking! E^)


7 April 2008

Time Out

Another little addition to my blog, Time Out is small: 210 x 150 x 15mm and done in ultramarine, burnt and raw sienna and a pinch of titanium white. This little painting is available on www.trademe.co.nz for a week, after which.. she'll stay on my wall! Thanks for the visit..e^)

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