29 May 2008

my house my ark

You may remember old Noah's ark.. well I've reworked it and decided to make it my own. So there you have it - my house my ark! It's still 255 x 255 and done in acrylics - available on trade me for a while. Thanks for the visit! E^)

23 May 2008

little gem #44 - dream train

Dream train - 200 x 200 x 30mm - acrylic. Thanks for looking! E^)...


little gem #43 - midnight

Acrylic on stretched canvas, varnished and ready to go - 200 x 200 x 30mm - title midnight. Thanks for looking! e^)

22 May 2008

little gem #42 - catch

Collage of found objects on a crackle glazed background - size 300 x 400 x 15mm. I collected the hardware from our driveway, believe it or not! Lovely rusty stuff.. and I love the dog.

21 May 2008

little gem 41 - action dog

Action dog is in the basket, madly going along for the kite ride, picnic in his owner's backpack - so all's as well as can be!

little gem 40 - the dream *NEW SERIES*

New Series happening!!! I'm enjoying this and doing all weird and wonderful little works - on Trade Me for a few days, if you're interested in bidding and living in NZ or Australia. This one is called The Dream and is two pictures in one.. e^)


16 May 2008

That Mouse!

Another littlie to visit my blog.. very small again and sitting on an easel just as small. I especially enjoyed painting the tiny mouse, complete with whiskers and tail, just to tease the cats - although I've framed him in a sense.. This is 100 x 100 x 10mm or 4" x 4" - thanks for taking a look.


10 May 2008

Bird Book

Had some lovely fun with Poppyana again what with the birds commenting on everything. Thanks for taking the time to look.. e^)


5 May 2008


Another miniature oil on canvas with display easel. Took me a wee while to paint too, but very enjoyable. Two miniatures in one or is it three? Available here.


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