29 November 2008

mama africa

Oil painting on stretched canvas 400 x 300 x 18mm - in ethnic African style. I might just put a darker glaze on the face still, maybe. Enjoyed playing with those bright colours.. e^)

27 November 2008

going home

Small acrylic painting - 100 x 300 x 15mm featuring a steam train on full speed.. I can hear the clickety clack of the wheels on the tracks. This will be for sale soon, thanks for taking a look..e^)

23 November 2008

in your good books

As a child I've always wondered what exactly was in your good books? How do you stay in somebody's good books unless you're made of paper? Anyway, this little work is on textured surface and done in acrylics, it's 300 x 300 x 35mm and for sale. See trade me Thanks for looking..e^)

20 November 2008

good balance

I found this cute little canvas in the shops this week, it's 300mm x 100mm x 18mm and was begging for some weird stilts. A question: how do people get on these things? Same for those really high unicycles.. if you fall off, how do you get on again, or do you just go home? 8-) Thanks for looking..e^)

16 November 2008

poppyana in 3D

Having fun with Poppyana in 3D - knitted in cotton thread and painted up in acrylics. Added glass pebbles give her some weight and she seems happy to be displayed as wall doll. For sale on Trade Me for this week - she could make a lovely handmade gift to someone special.. thanks for looking..e^) (Copyright 2008)

15 November 2008

my gift to you

Bringing you another Flora, I mean flower - 400 x 200 x 35mm in oil on stretched canvas. This one will be available on Trade Me soon.. thanks for looking..e^)

14 November 2008

this is for you

Oil on canvas, 400 x 200 x 35mm and ready to hang. A small painting ideal as a gift, the first in a small Christmas series for 2008. Flora brings you a flower.. e^)

12 November 2008

fellow travellers

Playing a little with odd looking figures - this is 250 x 250 x 35mm and on auction this week. It is in acrylics and I'm quite pleased with the effect of back lighting. Each figure carries a koru (fern frond) and a pearl. I love pearls.. thanks for looking..e^)

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