29 October 2008

Parua Bay Gallery

Another sleepy face painting with lilies this time, available from Parua Bay Gallery - 255x255x35mm oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Have a look at my web gallery for larger paintings that are part of this exhibition too - thanks for looking! e^)

26 October 2008


255 x 255 x 35mm in oils - available from Parua Bay Gallery, see below... e^)

25 October 2008

Parua Bay Gallery

'poppy dreams' is part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery. Ten of my works are exhibited from 25 October till 16 November along with works by Ingrid Boot, Phillina den Dulk, Lauren Worsley, Janet Bothner-by, Daniel McDonald, Debra Fallowfield and Carolyn Parry. Hope you can have a look! -directions-

24 October 2008

blue bird

Had some fun with acrylics and gel, then accentuated what the picture dictated to me and would you know it, here's a weird little painting that has a joker, a kite, a blue bird, a tree, a flock of birds, fish and last, not least, a skull - all done with blue, sienna and white. Size is 255 x 255 x 35mm and it's for sale. Thanks for having a look! e^)

20 October 2008

looking after the small fish

I have a soft spot for all the little animals.. the big ones should be able to care for themselves I think. This painting was done on a lightly textured surface - I used acrylics which I then stressed a little, just to emphasize the texture. The acrylics are the interactive ones which might just suit me better.. thanks for looking e^)

16 October 2008

five on a string

Five on a string is part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery opening 25 October 2008 so if you're in the area do have a look as there are many more pieces by various artists in this annual exhibition. This little work is 255 x 255 x 35mm, done in oils and available at $150NZD. Contact the gallery at paruabgallery @ xtra . co . nz (remove spaces!) or go here

6 October 2008


This is for sale for this week - thanks to all and everyone who buy my art.. e^)

father earth

Father Earth is for sale through trade me for this week, this one being one of my favourites. I've held on to it for a while but the time has come to set it free.. It is about us as inhabitants of this earth (why do we say mother earth and not father earth? Is a mother more loving and caring towards her children than a father?).. It's also about a reciprocal goodness going round - the earth will look after us if we look after this earth. Or you can skip the waffle and just enjoy the painting for what it is... fishies swimming in the dust LOL!

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