30 December 2009

the red (hot) teapot

hey, I love teapots.. and tea of course. I recently remembered us learning this little rhyme in our first week in 'big' school way back in the previous millenium, it goes like this: this is my handle this is my spout pour me out pour me out ..with actions and everything. Now with English being my second language my (adult) son had a good laugh today when I demonstrated it as we used to do it in Sub A! So I went ahead and painted it... 225 x 225 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas. Thanks for the visit, see again soon..e^)

29 December 2009

three flying fishies

off into my whimsical dreamworld again and revisiting the three flying ducks I mean fish... with fancy tail fins! Well, fish can fly. Sometimes. 255 x 255 x 3mm acrylics on stretched canvas and selling on trade me this week ..e^)

28 December 2009

shoes on

'shoes on' was done over the last two days - it was hard work! ;-) The end result quite exotic I think... viva Pasifika 225 x 225 x 25mm acrylic on stretched canvas - thanks for popping in ..e^)

24 December 2009

three flying penguins

ok so I've had a week off... talking about intermissions LOL - here is what I've just finished, just a little bit of fun in the funny season. Actually I've been down memory lane and remembering those three flying ducks on the wall - every good home should have three flying somethings. So I think I'll paint another today..e^)

17 December 2009


Intermission is for naps, pit stops, a quick coffee, chats and anything that you can think of to get time to move faster. Often you find yourself in waiting mode when time seems to slow down just to make it harder, waiting for your kid to finish this karate lesson, waiting for the first boarding call at the airport. And then time speeds up when you sleep. You just closed one eye for a quick wink and.. you've missed the TV show you were waiting for. But sleep is sweet isn't it? Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 3mm or 10" x 10" x 1" stretched canvas, for sale through trade me ..see you soon ..e^)

15 December 2009

no flying today

Some days you have chocolate for breakfast, some days you have no breakfast at all - then there are the windy days when everything will fly and the not so windy days when it's no use trying. You guessed it, today is a no-wind day. So there's bare canvas for the clothing and the bare minimum for the kite as the last bit of red was used for the jandals (flip flops then). This is acrylic on stretched canvas, I still have to paint the edges black and it's available on trade me I think I'll give sella a try next year, they claim to have 10% of the market already ..e^)

13 December 2009

my mother was a dancer

acrylic on 255 x 255 x 35mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. This little painting was inspired by my dear friend Sally who is a dancer, teacher, performer, singer, talented artist. I used gold and ultramarine acrylic, plus white, umber and red and again the style shows influences of New Zealand, Africa and Klimt. It is available through trade me for about 10 days. Thanks for having a look ..e^)

10 December 2009


My newest little painting was inspired by Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I - which was done in oil paint, gold and silver. I did my little painting in acrylic gold and red, with a spit and a spot of white and burnt umber. It took me 6 painstaking hours to do, loved it. Sure was an exercise in brush control and discipline. Thanks for looking ..e^)

noel and noel II

4" x 6" or 100 x 150 x 1.5mm - acrylic on stretched canvas, miniature easel here's two more little paintings, both miniature each with a tiny display easel - finished yesterday and this morning. I tried putting down in paint a festive feeling - wasn't difficult with the tree, but the abstract one called for little specks of gold paint just to give it that extra dimension. I think these will look quite different in the evening when the lights come on..e^)

8 December 2009

moon's stone dance

Meet Moon and watch her dance the stone dance.. she just can't stop! This is the latest in the 'little gem' series currently available on trade me. I plan on doing 30 and this one is number 9 - especially for the summer season 2009, that is in the southern hemisphere for the northerners out there :-) 225 x 225 x 35mm or 10" x 10" x 1.5" acrylic on stretched canvas ..e^)

4 December 2009


Who doesn't have them, those annoying everyday things that have to be done. So I painted them instead! I have this knack of successfully ignoring things that can be done later... :-) queen of procrastination, me. 10" x 10" acrylic on stretched canvas, or 225 x 225 x 35mm ..e^) Wwhoops and I forgot to post this one, finished yesterday - in subtle colours but with a Pacific island flavour.... it's the same size as above and part of my "little gem" series for 2009 - nr 6 thanks for popping in again ..e^)

2 December 2009

Pania of the Birds

It's raining here today so none of the colours in this picture is true, but there she is. Pania has always had a magical fascination for me and I have drawn and painted her a number of times and I suppose I'll do this many more times... this one is my own interpretation (again) - thanks for looking..e^)

30 November 2009

blue bird

Oops. Clean forgot I was doing a little painting a day - weekend got in the way. But got right back into it - this one is called 'my blue bird' and it's 255 x 255mm or 10" x 10" acrylic on stretched canvas, selling through trade me for this week. Thanks for checking my blog ..e^)

27 November 2009

me no lisa

oil on stretched canvas - 255 x 255 x 35mm - this is nr 4 in the little gem series for this year. It is done in monochrome colours, white and Vandyk brown and the inspiration comes from - what else - the Mona Lisa. Available as usual with these, from Trade Me for this week. Thanks for looking ..e^)

26 November 2009

blue dome day

400 x 200 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas - summer's here in the southern hemisphere - at last! Love the deep azure blue of the summer sky. This little painting is number three of the 'little gem' series of about 30 works, available from trade me for a week. Thanks for popping in ..e^)

25 November 2009

moon eye view

moon eye view - 255 x 255 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas - little gem series 2009 I’ve had this canvas for I don’t know how long, forever adding paint to it and then painting it black again. The lower layers even have some resin added and at some point I had glass pebbles imbedded in that (one for each family member). The pebbles fell off (but family ties remain) and left these delicious little pools in the resin - footprints? So today I thought I’d add this to my ‘little gem’ series and signed it at last, and listed it on TM as part of the 'little gem' series for 2009 ..e^)

24 November 2009

poppy talk

400 x 200 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang as is. It's that time of the year again when one is on the hunt for little gifts with meaning for the people close to our hearts. Every year around this time I create a number of smaller works and name them Little Gems, list them on trade me and hope they find a wall in a friendly home somewhere. Thanks for visiting my blog, and do consider subscribing if you're interested in viewing the rest of the series...e^)

11 November 2009

african sun

Hot hot African sunset, some relief from the relentless sun in sight - but oh so beautiful the colours... this is now available on auction through Trade Me for this week. Thanks for taking a look, I will be back in 2010 with a regular "painting a week" ok? ..e^)

5 November 2009


I had my mind made up about painting a good honest abstract - but first I had to do the 'stract' without the 'ab'. A while ago we travelled through to Taupo from Auckland, through beautiful bountiful green land, hills and valleys, rich growth and the odd herd of cows or sheep. This resulted in this painting that I call 'lambscape' - 350 x 450 x 35mm in acrylic. Then on a loose piece of canvas I worked on abstracting my lambscape and after a number of stages the painting ended up looking like this: Next I went ahead and ripped the canvas to pieces, yes I did, remarkably easy too - canvas is a joy to rip - and placed the pieces on the original representational painting. Note that I had to have it on the horizontal, like the land, to be able to do this. Now we literally have realism supporting the abstracting of the lambscape. Now for me to be able to hang this on the wall, the strips will have to be collaged down, so I started playing with placement, and this is it. The end...e^)

27 October 2009

the joke

380 x 760 x 35mm - oils and acrylics on stretched canvas. Experimenting with combinations of acrylics and oils, working into them and combining them to see what will happen.. Jokes are like that too - people react differently to them, so you can never tell what the reaction will be, fascinating to watch the faces! And very telling the things that make different people laugh... This is available here on auction for a week, thanks for looking ..e^)

5 October 2009

peace poppy

One of a number of new paintings available through Hot Ginger Gallery - this one is 760 x 380 x 35mm, acrylics on stretched canvas ..e^)

30 September 2009


My sweet penguin has had a makeover - and he's available for auction on trade me for a week. I think I'm into happy, bright colours at the moment - sooooo if you stand still long enough, I'll paint you too. Where's the cat... e^)

24 September 2009

stubborn penguin

Acrylics on stretched canvas 760 x 380 x 35mm - had fun experimenting with a different technique here. Looks like the penguin is not too pleased though LOL ..e^)

11 August 2009

montage: change my mind/mind my change/my mind change

Thanks for having another look at my blog. I am working on a montage made up of cutouts from 3 face paintings I've done. They are scrambled and then mounted on board in different depths. I have added different elements which have special meaning to me. This is part of a mixed media short course I am doing at the moment, run by Ken Garrett. 240 x 320mm acrylic and mixed media on coreboard.

5 August 2009

land of escape

Not really a landscape painter but have always tried here and there to capture a vastness, stillness or windswept emptiness - that’s not so empty with closer inspection. Not there yet, it keeps eluding me! Oh the process of chasing this panoramic open landscape in my head keeps me going :-) Oil on canvas 200 x 800 in total ..e^)

29 July 2009

melodious art

Art and music - two things that go together so well, although each can stand on its own two feet so to speak. This show is about just that: art inspired by music. I have four brand spanking new pieces displayed, so if you're in the area please take a look.. feedback always welcome. The exhibition opens 30 July, 6.30pm and yes, there's going to be a short musical performance by Donald Nicholls. Uxbridge Creative Centre, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick PH (09) 535 6467 or www.uxbridge.org.nz

20 July 2009

lined up and face it

Experimental work to demonstrate drawing by revealing colours underneath, in contrast to laying down marks, be that in colour or pen or graphite or whatever. Oil paint is ideal for this as it dries very slowly, so one can work and rework if necessary, like those toys where you can draw and shake to remove... great fun. The light kept bouncing off the picture.. black is hard to photograph properly. Again I used the same method as above but used the flat chisel blender to grade the colour and manipulate the light. These works are small 12" x 12" stretched canvas and the colour extends around the sides. It's ready to hang. Thanks for looking at my blog! ..e^)

16 July 2009

OSFA july 2009

Acrylic on 10" square canvas - part of the annual 'One Size Fits All' exhibition at Thornton Gallery, thanks for the picture Anya!

2 July 2009

OSFA july 2009

These are two of my three entries for the "One Size Fits All" show hosted by Thornton Gallery, Hamilton and curated by Collette Fergus. Will load a picture of the last one later (read: when I can find it in the jumble of my computer's scattered brain)
pearls - oil on stretched canvas 10" x 10" x 2,5 "
poppy dreams - oil on stretched canvas 10" x 10" x 2,5"
... and me not being a photographer's left knee cap, the photo's were taken on a too overcast day. Result is blue, so you just have to go see them in person if you're anywhere near Hamilton during July LOL ...e^)

22 June 2009

Original Art Sale and OSFA

As has been the norm the last few years it is Original Art Sale time and I am taking part again. More info on the where and when here - please have a look at my online gallery for previews of the artworks entered. I am also taking part in the annual OSFA held at Thornton Gallery in Hamilton, with small 10" x 10" works available. There are literally hundreds available and a feast for the eyes. Great fun. Watch this space for a preview of my entries ..e^)

29 May 2009

shrug time

400 x 200 x 35mm oils on stretched canvas - on auction through trademe until Sunday. Another of my figurative exercises, jandals and all..e^)

14 May 2009

good times...

I had this cupboard door lying around, so I thought it would look great painting the inside as a bookcase - it was fun doing the paper lace too. The end result a type of tromp l'oeil - size about 700 x 450mm in acrylic...e^)

5 May 2009

voice of the sea

Acrylic on 9" x 12" stretched canvas, ready to hang. I love listening to shells, large ones. So I painted this sea nymph holding a shell and being transported to another world - one in which you can be you who are and wear anything or nothing, or just black and white stripey tights..e^)

16 April 2009

penguin parade

Lots of fun with acrylics brushed on in a very free manner. I love penguins on wheels!! This is 12" x 9" or 305mm x 250mm x 35mm and on auction for this week. Thanks for looking...e^)

14 April 2009

solitary dance

This is acrylic on 12" x 9" stretched canvas, ready to hang and available through trade me for this week. My eldest sister had this habit of dancing alone when she thinks no-one is looking, when the music moved her. It's mesmerising to watch, sometimes weird but beautiful - she has no dance training. This is for her ..e^)

4 April 2009

cat walk

If you click on the image a life size picture will come up.. but I'm sure you know that already. This one is acrylics on stretched canvas, 300 x 225 x 35mm or 12" x 9" x 1.5" - ready to hang. I want the dress, oh and of course the cat ..e^)

31 March 2009

watch the wind

Windy weather ahead... hold onto your hat! This is acrylic on stretched canvas 305 x 235 x 35mm or 12' x 9' - thanks for looking ..e^)

After Africa

Percy Thomson Gallery - Stratford, Taranaki ...till 13 April 2009

21 March 2009

my gold feather -by arike 4/100

Mixed media (watercolour pencils, oil pastels and gold acrylic paint) on sugar paper A4 size. The gold reflects in this photograph, as well as the paper.. The background is actually black but is giving me more grey hairs in the struggle to photograph it. Whatever, it's a rework of the initial work which was really minimal - maybe too minimal LOL. Thanks for looking..e^)

16 March 2009

rain in africa

This is acrylic on stretched canvas, 255 x 255 x 35mm or 10" square. I have experimented with a textured surface before I started painting and am quite pleased with the outcome. It is available for sale on trademe Have you heard of the Rain Queen of Africa? Fascinating.. "The Rain Queen's mystical rain making powers are reinforced by the beautiful garden which surrounds her royal compound. Surrounded by parched land, her garden contains the world's largest cycad trees which are in abundance under a spectacular rain belt. One species of cycad, the Modjadji cycad, is named after the Rain Queen." Thanks for visiting my blog ..e^) PS If you're interested in a print of this work please have a look at redbubble e^)

9 March 2009

yellow gloves

..they're not just for doing the dishes oh no, they can make you dance too, no lies. This is 295 x 205 watercolour pencils on sugar paper and will need framing. Thanks for looking...e^)

7 March 2009

i love my bag

New series of watercolour pencil drawings/paintings on sugar paper, size 295 x 205 ready to frame. Fun fun fun doing these - life is full of surprises, one just has to open one's mind to them so they become visible... never thought I'd love watercolour pencils so much, the Albrecht Durer one's are to die for. Thanks for looking!!!! e^)x

20 February 2009

walking the moon

;-) I like moonlight don't you? Would be nice to take the moon for a walk, all tied to a balloon string.. it's 400 x 300 x 35mm, in oil and done on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for popping in to have a look! e^)

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