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the red (hot) teapot

three flying fishies

shoes on

three flying penguins


no flying today

my mother was a dancer


noel and noel II

moon's stone dance


Pania of the Birds

blue bird

me no lisa

blue dome day

moon eye view

poppy talk

african sun


the joke

peace poppy


stubborn penguin

montage: change my mind/mind my change/my mind change

land of escape

melodious art

lined up and face it

OSFA july 2009

OSFA july 2009

Original Art Sale and OSFA

shrug time

good times...

voice of the sea

penguin parade

solitary dance

cat walk

watch the wind

After Africa

my gold feather -by arike 4/100

rain in africa

yellow gloves

i love my bag

walking the moon