29 July 2009

melodious art

Art and music - two things that go together so well, although each can stand on its own two feet so to speak. This show is about just that: art inspired by music. I have four brand spanking new pieces displayed, so if you're in the area please take a look.. feedback always welcome. The exhibition opens 30 July, 6.30pm and yes, there's going to be a short musical performance by Donald Nicholls. Uxbridge Creative Centre, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick PH (09) 535 6467 or www.uxbridge.org.nz

20 July 2009

lined up and face it

Experimental work to demonstrate drawing by revealing colours underneath, in contrast to laying down marks, be that in colour or pen or graphite or whatever. Oil paint is ideal for this as it dries very slowly, so one can work and rework if necessary, like those toys where you can draw and shake to remove... great fun. The light kept bouncing off the picture.. black is hard to photograph properly. Again I used the same method as above but used the flat chisel blender to grade the colour and manipulate the light. These works are small 12" x 12" stretched canvas and the colour extends around the sides. It's ready to hang. Thanks for looking at my blog! ..e^)

16 July 2009

OSFA july 2009

Acrylic on 10" square canvas - part of the annual 'One Size Fits All' exhibition at Thornton Gallery, thanks for the picture Anya!

2 July 2009

OSFA july 2009

These are two of my three entries for the "One Size Fits All" show hosted by Thornton Gallery, Hamilton and curated by Collette Fergus. Will load a picture of the last one later (read: when I can find it in the jumble of my computer's scattered brain)
pearls - oil on stretched canvas 10" x 10" x 2,5 "
poppy dreams - oil on stretched canvas 10" x 10" x 2,5"
... and me not being a photographer's left knee cap, the photo's were taken on a too overcast day. Result is blue, so you just have to go see them in person if you're anywhere near Hamilton during July LOL ...e^)

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