30 December 2009

the red (hot) teapot

hey, I love teapots.. and tea of course. I recently remembered us learning this little rhyme in our first week in 'big' school way back in the previous millenium, it goes like this: this is my handle this is my spout pour me out pour me out ..with actions and everything. Now with English being my second language my (adult) son had a good laugh today when I demonstrated it as we used to do it in Sub A! So I went ahead and painted it... 225 x 225 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas. Thanks for the visit, see again soon..e^)

29 December 2009

three flying fishies

off into my whimsical dreamworld again and revisiting the three flying ducks I mean fish... with fancy tail fins! Well, fish can fly. Sometimes. 255 x 255 x 3mm acrylics on stretched canvas and selling on trade me this week ..e^)

28 December 2009

shoes on

'shoes on' was done over the last two days - it was hard work! ;-) The end result quite exotic I think... viva Pasifika 225 x 225 x 25mm acrylic on stretched canvas - thanks for popping in ..e^)

24 December 2009

three flying penguins

ok so I've had a week off... talking about intermissions LOL - here is what I've just finished, just a little bit of fun in the funny season. Actually I've been down memory lane and remembering those three flying ducks on the wall - every good home should have three flying somethings. So I think I'll paint another today..e^)

17 December 2009


Intermission is for naps, pit stops, a quick coffee, chats and anything that you can think of to get time to move faster. Often you find yourself in waiting mode when time seems to slow down just to make it harder, waiting for your kid to finish this karate lesson, waiting for the first boarding call at the airport. And then time speeds up when you sleep. You just closed one eye for a quick wink and.. you've missed the TV show you were waiting for. But sleep is sweet isn't it? Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 3mm or 10" x 10" x 1" stretched canvas, for sale through trade me ..see you soon ..e^)

15 December 2009

no flying today

Some days you have chocolate for breakfast, some days you have no breakfast at all - then there are the windy days when everything will fly and the not so windy days when it's no use trying. You guessed it, today is a no-wind day. So there's bare canvas for the clothing and the bare minimum for the kite as the last bit of red was used for the jandals (flip flops then). This is acrylic on stretched canvas, I still have to paint the edges black and it's available on trade me I think I'll give sella a try next year, they claim to have 10% of the market already ..e^)

13 December 2009

my mother was a dancer

acrylic on 255 x 255 x 35mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. This little painting was inspired by my dear friend Sally who is a dancer, teacher, performer, singer, talented artist. I used gold and ultramarine acrylic, plus white, umber and red and again the style shows influences of New Zealand, Africa and Klimt. It is available through trade me for about 10 days. Thanks for having a look ..e^)

10 December 2009


My newest little painting was inspired by Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I - which was done in oil paint, gold and silver. I did my little painting in acrylic gold and red, with a spit and a spot of white and burnt umber. It took me 6 painstaking hours to do, loved it. Sure was an exercise in brush control and discipline. Thanks for looking ..e^)

noel and noel II

4" x 6" or 100 x 150 x 1.5mm - acrylic on stretched canvas, miniature easel here's two more little paintings, both miniature each with a tiny display easel - finished yesterday and this morning. I tried putting down in paint a festive feeling - wasn't difficult with the tree, but the abstract one called for little specks of gold paint just to give it that extra dimension. I think these will look quite different in the evening when the lights come on..e^)

8 December 2009

moon's stone dance

Meet Moon and watch her dance the stone dance.. she just can't stop! This is the latest in the 'little gem' series currently available on trade me. I plan on doing 30 and this one is number 9 - especially for the summer season 2009, that is in the southern hemisphere for the northerners out there :-) 225 x 225 x 35mm or 10" x 10" x 1.5" acrylic on stretched canvas ..e^)

4 December 2009


Who doesn't have them, those annoying everyday things that have to be done. So I painted them instead! I have this knack of successfully ignoring things that can be done later... :-) queen of procrastination, me. 10" x 10" acrylic on stretched canvas, or 225 x 225 x 35mm ..e^) Wwhoops and I forgot to post this one, finished yesterday - in subtle colours but with a Pacific island flavour.... it's the same size as above and part of my "little gem" series for 2009 - nr 6 thanks for popping in again ..e^)

2 December 2009

Pania of the Birds

It's raining here today so none of the colours in this picture is true, but there she is. Pania has always had a magical fascination for me and I have drawn and painted her a number of times and I suppose I'll do this many more times... this one is my own interpretation (again) - thanks for looking..e^)

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