15 December 2010

teabag people I

150mm x 450mm x 35mm acrylic and graphite on stretched canvas - acrylic applied with watercolour method and layering.

I've used teabags before to make prints, then develop the prints into some characters.  This time I've done exactly the same on a different support and not in watercolours, but using acrylics.  Great fun.  At the end of it I usually feel like having met a whole bunch of new creatures from the storyline of a children's book.  Thanks for the visit! ..e^)

14 December 2010


is where the heart is.  This little gem (#6) is about camping the traditional way: in a tent, with the minimum of fuss, sleeping and sitting on the ground, staying close to the earth.  Going without the luxuries of modern life could bring one to a happy place within the self and with a new outlook and perspective on life - basic is good.

225 x 225 x 35mm oil on canvas, available through trade me for a week ..e^)

12 December 2010

green fingers

225 x 225 x 35mm or 10" square - oil on stretched canvas - is all about the earth and things natural.  Why there's bunny ears involved I have no idea.  Thanks for popping in and taking a look around my humble blog ..e^)

7 December 2010

hard work - little gem #4

oil on canvas 200mm x 200mm x 15mm stretched and ready to hang.  Atlas? I'm sure he took lessons from deft African women who can gracefully carry the heaviest loads with apparent ease - wish I had the skill, just think...  Look ma, no hands!  This is on auction for this week here  ..thanks for popping in for a look ..e^)

4 December 2010

soul of the city

soul of the city... 8" x 8" x .5" or 200 x 200 x 15mm

Oil glazes make up most of this little work. It is number 3 of this year's Little Gem Series which I always try to do around Christmas and New Year - I think it might be the fourth year I'm painting gems... yes, think so.  Anyway, this one just happened... I started drawing a cityscape as I was feeling like painting a landscape for a change and then the face just dropped in - hello!  OK then, if you insist.  But I reserve the right to put a pot plant on your head then... e^)

23 November 2010

the prayer

Oil and graphite 400mm x 300mm x 35mm stretched canvas.  Feet of clay but plentiful prayers.
I left most of the painting in a loose free style and attempted to bring the face to a well rendered state - to contrast with the rough feet and hands.
I painted this prayer while waiting for news about the Pike River mining disaster and have decided to donate all funds from the auction towards the Pike River Miner's Fund.  It is my prayer that the families and friends of these miners will find peace and comfort from the support they have from people here in NZ and over the world.  My heart is breaking for them and I can't even imagine what it must feel like for them.  So if my tiny little drop in the bucket could make any sort of a difference, then I've done something from the heart.  Kia kaha.
Thanks for looking ..e^)
 PS..how you can help..

15 November 2010

atc four

ATC - artist trading cards - mania.... these four were part of the October ATC New Zealand exchange organised by Collette Fergus.  I received four awesome cards back which I will share with you soon.  Big thanks to Collette for organising this - if you'd like to take part the next one is already on the cards ;-) - see here
and send in your cards before 12 December 2010 ..e^)

28 October 2010

atc three

The third lot of artist trading cards made by me - watercolour on 300gsm cp watercolour paper.  These are available for postal exchange to anyone wishing to swap with me... comment below if you wish to take up the offer ..e^)

23 October 2010

flora flurry

Oil painting 500 x 250 x 35mm.  This took me a while to finish what with all the fiddly bits, but what fun to play with oils again... I love the smell, missed it.  And by now you know that I love flowers, especially daisy look a-likes!  Thanks for popping in to take a look ..e^)

12 October 2010

atc too

some more atc's or aceo's from my first series of 25 - still doing them in watercolour on watercolour paper, and as you can tell I'm having major fun.  How's yours coming on?  The titles on these are:  potato head, tony, dancing shoes, bedtime prayers, bike ride... and the method is still the same as last time: tea bag stain, pencil, watercolour, sealer... they're addictive!!! ..e^)

5 October 2010

atc's - artist trading cards

Artist trading cards!  Here in little New Zealand we've been aware of the craze of artist trading cards especially in the USA for a while now and have been watching from a distance.. until the invitation to take part in a local atc swap by Collette Fergus - see here if you would like to take part.

In short, atc's are tiny little original artworks, 64mm x 89mm to be precise and are made to trade, never to sell.  This meant that only artists could collect, trade and swap cards... so the clever people have come up with aceo's - artist cards, editions and originals - which are available to buy.  So now all peoples can own a little collection of beautiful, inspiring cards!

I've had loads of fun with my set of 25 just completed. All of them started out by teabag printing on watercolour card - yup, those used teabags have been calling me to do something with them.  Then I used pencil to do the drawings and after that out came the watercolour paints - something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.  Now I'm sure there are absolutely no excuse why you couldn't try your own hand at this.. easy as pie... go on, you know you want to ..e^)

22 September 2010

daisy chain/chain daisy

daisy chain/chain daisy - 10" x 10" acrylic on stretched canvas times 2

I have just sent these two off to Tirau to be exhibited in the first small canvas exhibition and competition at "Art on Main" during the month of October.  If you're not in little New Zealand, or not close enough to Tirau for a look, then hop over to fine art america for a look at the prints that are available - you can view them individually also and not as diptych as here. These are done in appreciation of the little things in life - thanks for the visit ..e^)

19 September 2010

waiting in the wings

If you've ever studied music or dance or drama or speech you will know the feeling just before it's your turn... the butterflies, excitement, dread, nerves, adrenaline, remembering the countless hours that went into the preparation.

Oil on recycled canvas 500 x 250 x 35mm available on trade me for a week ..e^)


15 September 2010


 A little fantail made of wire and a teaspoon.. size about 130 x 130mm or 5" x 5"

Piwakawaka or fantails are small insectivorous birds native to southern Asia and Australasia and I think they're just the cutest of cute, very busy and rather exhibitionist in the way they can flit around hunting for insects and showing off their fancy fantails..e^)


See! In the Kauwae-Raro,
O small dancing bird,
Old Kupe says you touched him,
We have his stately word.

And what said Kupe of you,
O small bird of grace?
He said: “The Tiwai Waka
Kept flitting past my face!”

O little Tiwa Waka,
O kind little wing!
I've seen a woman hunt you,
With haste and muttering.

She said it was unlucky,
She drove you out with cries,
For when a fantail flies within
A son or neighbour dies.

Unlucky! It's an honour,
A bird flying through.
He had the whole sweet countryside,
And yet he came to you.

- Eileen Duggan

31 August 2010


10" x 10" x 1.5" acrylic on museum canvas - heavy stretcher bars... 225 x 225 x 30mm

This one was done as fund raiser for women of Samoa to return home for a women's conference held every two years, this year in November.  So the painting is about Pasifika women in more than one way - available on trade me for 10 days.... inspired by my lovely friend Leao; good girl, keep going!! ..e^)

25 August 2010


caritas: oil on stretched canvas 11" x 14" x .5" or 280 x 356 x 18mm
poppyana is looking after her doves, making sure they have everything they need - tomorrow they will sing their sweet song for her again... thanks for looking..e^)

11 August 2010

drawing on a mirror

{Drawing on a Mirror}  Thick acrylic paint, straight from the tube, mixing on the canvas while wet - what a delight to push pigment around!  This is a small painting, two faces, one solid, one a line 'drawing'... more or less the effect when you start off experimenting with self portraits drawing directly on a mirror.. have you ever tried that?  This is hanging in White Flower cafe, 88 Clyde Road, Browns Bay for this week, while it's on auction on trade me.  They make good coffee there.. e^)

21 July 2010


Acrylic paints on stretched canvas, ready to hang, available from trade me for this week.  Size is 18" by 14" or 460mm x 360mm x 30mm.  You can smell many things... the truth among other things.  And the truth doesn't always smell like roses either.. :-)  But we'll go with smelling the flowers for now.  Thanks for popping in to have a look ..e^)


14 July 2010

family trees

18" x 14" or 460mm x 360mm acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang without framing.

family trees is about loved ones, family or friends that are not with us or have moved on - and having long conversations with them whenever their memory pops into your head, about anything and everything really.  Do you also have long conversations with a little tree in your garden that was planted for a reason?

Thanks for popping in again and having a look - back again in about a week's time ..e^)


1 July 2010

bottoms up

acrylic on stretched canvas 510 x 410 x 30mm - bottoms up for a quick dip in the drink - I mean bird bath.  I used only three colours do paint this - no wait, four.  Here's to white fantail doves, they're beautiful! ..e^)


27 June 2010

bird in hand

I used my favouritest colours again for this - white, raw and burnt sienna, ultramarine blue.  And there are some tiny hearts painted on the dress.  The birds are symbolic of opportunities that come our way - we need a keen eye to spot them, a thankful heart when they happen, and keep the feet on the ground always.  This is available as a card on Redbubble and the original is on Trade Me for this week.  Thanks for popping in, back again in a week with another if you're interested ..e^)


18 June 2010

fast fish

Taken the fish for a walk again, and it's a huge task - this fish is FAST!  Like having an outboard out in front - just move your legs now...  fish on a mission.

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas 18" x 14" or 460 x 360 - for sale this week on trade me.  Thanks for your visit ..e^)


16 June 2010

Anchor down

Anchor down those guy ropes, tighten the flaps, secure the tent pegs and you should be safe from the weather... Poppyana and her bird know all the ropes as well as the weather.  Acrylic painting on 20" x 10" or 510 x 255mm gallery stretched canvas, available from Trade Me for a week or so.  Thanks for popping in again ..e^)


11 June 2010

Lily Lady

My little painting Lily Lady was chosen as one of a selection of paintings for the Best In Show on 10 June 2010 - how cool is that!  Thanks Redbubble...e^)

8 June 2010

miss fancy pants and her new chandelier

Guess who got a new chandelier this week.... and she's so fond of it she just can't let go!  510 x 255 x 30mm watercolour mixed media - even some glitter on her fancy pants... available from Trade Me for this week.  Thanks for popping in again ..e^)


7 June 2010

close encounters

close encounters - 510 x 410 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas.  Colours not true as the picture was taken in bad light, the blues more to the dove grey scale.


25 May 2010

feathery friends

Acrylic on stretched canvas 20" x 16" x 1.5" or 510 x 410 x 35mm - painting knife for the largest part of this, then brush for the detail in there.  Green, ultramarine, white, raw sienna and a speck of red - on a lightly textured canvas.  Thanks for looking ..e^)


22 May 2010


Small 16" x 12" acrylic painting in free style.  I did this one in about 2 hours this morning, it's small but I had great runny acrylic fun with it.  It's cold here at the moment so the paints take a while to dry.. which suits me as I can then blend to my heart's content before the paint goes tacky.  Thanks for looking, this is on Trade Me  ..e^)


17 May 2010

abstract - beach walk

Time to do something different for a change.  I felt like playing with acrylic paint and a large painting knife.  The result reminds me of my favourite local beach, Long Bay.  It's a 1km long sandy beach gently sloping towards the water.  It is also protected area and great for an early morning walk.
-acrylic on stretched canvas 400mm x 500mm- thanks for visiting my blog ..e^)

9 May 2010


Oil on stretched canvas, sides painted, ready to hang 16" x 12" or 410mm x 310mm.  Sometimes rain is such a blessing, especially when it's not really cold or windy.  This little painting is available on Trade Me or on Redbubble as a print - or even a card.  Thanks for looking - will be back next week with another piece, not sure what it'll be yet ...e^)

1 May 2010

Bandana Crowd

Here's a new little painting done in oil on canvas 410mm x 310mm available on Trade Me for 10 days, also on Redbubble as a card if you're interested.

Phew it's been a while and time for me to get down to doing a few more little works and putting them up here to view from a distance.  I see them as experimental and more play than work, but I prefer to learn through doing (it myself!), than being taught - also I love to try the odd approach just 'cos I can.  I will once again try to commit to a regular update here - good motivation.  So please pop in whenever... and thanks for looking ..e^)

1 April 2010

ICE 2010

Time to get lost in all the paper again... it is International Collage Exchange time and this year I've finished mine early, making sure I don't miss it for another year..

You know the debris left over in travel bags when you've unpacked at home, those bits and pieces of pretty paper and memoires and cuttings from interesting art magazines, brochures collected on gallery hopping runs... too pretty to throw away so it lives in your travel bag. This series is called 'travel bag debris' and I added a pretty note on everyone so that it can be sent to that someone you had to leave behind :-) (oh and the fibre is from knitting done while travelling, love to keep the hands busy when not taking pictures)

Each one is 10" x 7" - thanks for looking..e^)

7 March 2010

redbubble feature page 5-3-2010

How cool is that... my cups were featured on the Redbubble feature page on 5 March 2010 among a collage of colourful art - it's a huge site with literally gazillions of images.  I'm chuffed :-) ..e^)

4 March 2010

City Gallery, Invercargill

 “With artists taking part from both near and far New Zealand’s Got Talent is an exhibition set to feature both award-winning and emerging artists. The aim of the month long exhibit being held at City Gallery, Invercargill is to showcase a broad range of styles and expose the upcoming talent that New Zealand has to offer. From abstraction to landscapes, mixed media to mosaics the amazing lineup of 29 fascinating artists is sure to delight viewers from all walks of life. The show is to have an opening night at City Gallery, Don Street at 7pm, March 5th 2010. The exhibition itself is open to the public and will run from March 5th-31st. Participating artists from the Southland region will be in attendance.
Participating Artists are:
Janet Marshall, Sophia Elise, Kirsty Black, Tanya Dann, Jane Santos, Natasha Shackleton, Chavah Kinloch, Sally Blyth, Robyn Robertson, Amy Mackiewicz, Philina Den Dulk, Sharlene Schmidt, Michelle Wallis, Suzanne Carter, Marimba Powley, Cath Sheard, Tracey Stenhouse, Ambury Hall, Denita Tizard, Kay Ward, Alfred Memelink, Lyn Hurring, Pam Tapp, Ana Ter Huurne, Theresa Cashmore, Melissa McCreanor, Sofia Spirtova, Rachael Inch and Erika Husselmann.”

Wish I could be there,enjoy! ..e^)

1 March 2010

in the clouds all the time

Painting is like a wonderful whimsical place of escape to me - it's like having your head in the clouds all the time!  this one is 14" x 18" or 355 x 460mm, stretched and ready to hang and available on trademe for a short time.  Thanks for visiting my blog ..e^)

27 February 2010

Love in the Lolly Shop


Here's a link to a slide show - thanks Monika! ..e^)

16 February 2010


Middle of February already, how time flies.  Thought I'd do another one of those tea cup ones with art deco patterns - very enjoyable. It's 225 x 225 x 35mm, oil on stretched canvas.  This is available from sella
go sella!! ..e^)

10 February 2010

estuary artworks 2010

estuary artworks 2010 - UXBRIDGE Creative Centre, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick
12 Feb - 10 March - opens Thursday 11 Feb 6.30pm

This competition aims to raise awareness about  the value of the Tamaki Estuary and to encourage community action against pollution of this vital waterway.

9 February 2010

Love in the Lolly Shop

Love in the Lolly Shop - 12 February through to 8 March 2010

anya veryaskina - claire hey - dave knight - erika husselmann - jaz welch - jenny kemp - jessica newman - kath batchelor - libby lamb - lisa ormsby - liz constable - monika welch - rosie harper - sandra jane suleski - sharon terrizzi - sher green

24 January 2010


we make memories and they multiply, like rings around a water splash. what great pleasure to remember the good ones (and to make more) around tea for two? this is the last little painting of the series of 30 done for summer 09/10 - what a feast and what a joy to be able to put paint on canvas, here I give thanks to the Creator ..thanks also to you for popping in here to have a look! Time now for that cuppa ..e^)

19 January 2010


just having some fun with my ever-present boat - this time missing the bottom... not good for a boat! so poppyana has decided it's got to get fixed, so she's carrying it home. Acrylic on stretched canvas, 255 x 255 x 30mm or 10" square again. This is Little Gem 29 of this season's set of 30 little works - only one more to go. Thanks for sticking with me through this holiday season, it's been a heap of fun - as holidays should be ..e^)

15 January 2010

picking moon flowers

Picking moon flowers was done again in my limited palette of white, ultramarine and burnt sienna - my favourites for some years now. There is some texture on the dress and flowers. Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for your regular visits ..e^)

14 January 2010


Time now for a bird serenade - they're like the notes on a stave, the wires like the five strings of a guitar, frets and all. Wish I could hear them.. Acrylic on stretched studio canvas, so it's 15mm wide, the painting is again 255 x 255mm and ready to hang. Thanks for popping in ..e^)

13 January 2010

wind song

Just had to get this one out of the system - have been wanting to do a little windswept one for a while. I needed to get the fabric to really come alive and move with the wind, the hair also. Limited palette of only 3 colours: white, sienna and blue, acrylic on canvas 10" square - as usual. Thanks for looking, back soon ...e^)

11 January 2010

red shoes

acrylic on 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas.... red shoes mmmmmm ..e^)

7 January 2010

green land

nice thick acrylic paint on an orange base canvas (stretched) this is a very small painting - about 4" x 6" and comes with its own little display easel. New Zealand is 'the land of the long white cloud', clean green Aotearoa. No nuclear power plants here, (nor the waste), nor any snakes or scorpions. Thorny things are limited to weeds and some prickly creatures like cute little hedgehogs... sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming... e^)

6 January 2010

roots in afrika

I am 'made in Afrika' and my roots are in Africa - still. It is part of my soul's make-up and in my marrow and it will be forever. But migrating is part of my history too so this piece is about cultural influences of my new environment: New Zealand. Not so new actually as we've been living here now for more than a decade. There are African elements - the mask, ethnic Zebra patterns and influences of Ndebele art. This is swept up in a wave, or fern frond called a koru - symbol of new beginnings, life and hope. The wave-like symbol is also part of ethnic African art in the form of rolling waves, so it symbolises this coming together of cultures in my life. 255 x 255 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas like always.. thanks for having a look ..e^)

4 January 2010


255 x 255 x 35mm or 10" square, acrylic on stretched canvas. is about footprints in the sand, footprints on this earth essentially. I have a problem with producing all these little canvases - I don't want to add to the monumental pile of waste on this earth so I'll have to find something I can paint on that won't add to the waste I'm leaving behind... recycled somethings preferrably.. e^)

2 January 2010

boat legs

all the elements I love: sun, sea, surf, sand, shells and boats with wheels.. :-) and then the issue about who's got the legs - or no legs. Face it, if you can't stand on your own two legs, then you don't have a leg to stand on and you will need support of a very special kind.. like wheels? Always great to have a back-up system ready. 255 x 255 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas, this is number 21 of the series of 30 Little Gems I'm doing this year, thanks for your interest!! ..e^)

1 January 2010

tea bag moon

This picture is a trifle bright - it's more subtle in real life, my camera is acting up again. ;-) Anyway, this is about tea bag art - the rage that was started in Africa from something that's regarded as worthless - a tea bag. Have a look here to see what is possible to make from the humble provider of tea comfort. The rest of the picture - the odd tree, the primitive tent and the ethnic moon is just my usual conglomerate of things that make me happy. The meaning of these are open to all and your interpretation is valid too. 255 x 255 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas ..thanks for having a look! again ..e^)

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