13 January 2010

wind song

Just had to get this one out of the system - have been wanting to do a little windswept one for a while. I needed to get the fabric to really come alive and move with the wind, the hair also. Limited palette of only 3 colours: white, sienna and blue, acrylic on canvas 10" square - as usual. Thanks for looking, back soon ...e^)


Mi said...

Oh she is so beautiful, even her hair in the wind looks pretty! The dark colour of her hair is a wonderful contrast to light and bright background and dress! I like it very much!
I was on holiday and the maldivian winds are blowings so strong, that my hair didn´t look as pretty as her´s ;-)

Erika Husselmann said...

I need to go on holiday too and I wouldn't mind which way my hair went.. thanks for the comments Mi, much appreciated ..e^)

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