27 June 2010

bird in hand

I used my favouritest colours again for this - white, raw and burnt sienna, ultramarine blue.  And there are some tiny hearts painted on the dress.  The birds are symbolic of opportunities that come our way - we need a keen eye to spot them, a thankful heart when they happen, and keep the feet on the ground always.  This is available as a card on Redbubble and the original is on Trade Me for this week.  Thanks for popping in, back again in a week with another if you're interested ..e^)


18 June 2010

fast fish

Taken the fish for a walk again, and it's a huge task - this fish is FAST!  Like having an outboard out in front - just move your legs now...  fish on a mission.

Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas 18" x 14" or 460 x 360 - for sale this week on trade me.  Thanks for your visit ..e^)


16 June 2010

Anchor down

Anchor down those guy ropes, tighten the flaps, secure the tent pegs and you should be safe from the weather... Poppyana and her bird know all the ropes as well as the weather.  Acrylic painting on 20" x 10" or 510 x 255mm gallery stretched canvas, available from Trade Me for a week or so.  Thanks for popping in again ..e^)


11 June 2010

Lily Lady

My little painting Lily Lady was chosen as one of a selection of paintings for the Best In Show on 10 June 2010 - how cool is that!  Thanks Redbubble...e^)

8 June 2010

miss fancy pants and her new chandelier

Guess who got a new chandelier this week.... and she's so fond of it she just can't let go!  510 x 255 x 30mm watercolour mixed media - even some glitter on her fancy pants... available from Trade Me for this week.  Thanks for popping in again ..e^)


7 June 2010

close encounters

close encounters - 510 x 410 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas.  Colours not true as the picture was taken in bad light, the blues more to the dove grey scale.


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