21 July 2010


Acrylic paints on stretched canvas, ready to hang, available from trade me for this week.  Size is 18" by 14" or 460mm x 360mm x 30mm.  You can smell many things... the truth among other things.  And the truth doesn't always smell like roses either.. :-)  But we'll go with smelling the flowers for now.  Thanks for popping in to have a look ..e^)


14 July 2010

family trees

18" x 14" or 460mm x 360mm acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang without framing.

family trees is about loved ones, family or friends that are not with us or have moved on - and having long conversations with them whenever their memory pops into your head, about anything and everything really.  Do you also have long conversations with a little tree in your garden that was planted for a reason?

Thanks for popping in again and having a look - back again in about a week's time ..e^)


1 July 2010

bottoms up

acrylic on stretched canvas 510 x 410 x 30mm - bottoms up for a quick dip in the drink - I mean bird bath.  I used only three colours do paint this - no wait, four.  Here's to white fantail doves, they're beautiful! ..e^)


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