24 January 2010


we make memories and they multiply, like rings around a water splash. what great pleasure to remember the good ones (and to make more) around tea for two? this is the last little painting of the series of 30 done for summer 09/10 - what a feast and what a joy to be able to put paint on canvas, here I give thanks to the Creator ..thanks also to you for popping in here to have a look! Time now for that cuppa ..e^)

19 January 2010


just having some fun with my ever-present boat - this time missing the bottom... not good for a boat! so poppyana has decided it's got to get fixed, so she's carrying it home. Acrylic on stretched canvas, 255 x 255 x 30mm or 10" square again. This is Little Gem 29 of this season's set of 30 little works - only one more to go. Thanks for sticking with me through this holiday season, it's been a heap of fun - as holidays should be ..e^)

15 January 2010

picking moon flowers

Picking moon flowers was done again in my limited palette of white, ultramarine and burnt sienna - my favourites for some years now. There is some texture on the dress and flowers. Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for your regular visits ..e^)

14 January 2010


Time now for a bird serenade - they're like the notes on a stave, the wires like the five strings of a guitar, frets and all. Wish I could hear them.. Acrylic on stretched studio canvas, so it's 15mm wide, the painting is again 255 x 255mm and ready to hang. Thanks for popping in ..e^)

13 January 2010

wind song

Just had to get this one out of the system - have been wanting to do a little windswept one for a while. I needed to get the fabric to really come alive and move with the wind, the hair also. Limited palette of only 3 colours: white, sienna and blue, acrylic on canvas 10" square - as usual. Thanks for looking, back soon ...e^)

11 January 2010

red shoes

acrylic on 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas.... red shoes mmmmmm ..e^)

7 January 2010

green land

nice thick acrylic paint on an orange base canvas (stretched) this is a very small painting - about 4" x 6" and comes with its own little display easel. New Zealand is 'the land of the long white cloud', clean green Aotearoa. No nuclear power plants here, (nor the waste), nor any snakes or scorpions. Thorny things are limited to weeds and some prickly creatures like cute little hedgehogs... sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming... e^)

6 January 2010

roots in afrika

I am 'made in Afrika' and my roots are in Africa - still. It is part of my soul's make-up and in my marrow and it will be forever. But migrating is part of my history too so this piece is about cultural influences of my new environment: New Zealand. Not so new actually as we've been living here now for more than a decade. There are African elements - the mask, ethnic Zebra patterns and influences of Ndebele art. This is swept up in a wave, or fern frond called a koru - symbol of new beginnings, life and hope. The wave-like symbol is also part of ethnic African art in the form of rolling waves, so it symbolises this coming together of cultures in my life. 255 x 255 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas like always.. thanks for having a look ..e^)

4 January 2010


255 x 255 x 35mm or 10" square, acrylic on stretched canvas. is about footprints in the sand, footprints on this earth essentially. I have a problem with producing all these little canvases - I don't want to add to the monumental pile of waste on this earth so I'll have to find something I can paint on that won't add to the waste I'm leaving behind... recycled somethings preferrably.. e^)

2 January 2010

boat legs

all the elements I love: sun, sea, surf, sand, shells and boats with wheels.. :-) and then the issue about who's got the legs - or no legs. Face it, if you can't stand on your own two legs, then you don't have a leg to stand on and you will need support of a very special kind.. like wheels? Always great to have a back-up system ready. 255 x 255 x 35mm acrylic on stretched canvas, this is number 21 of the series of 30 Little Gems I'm doing this year, thanks for your interest!! ..e^)

1 January 2010

tea bag moon

This picture is a trifle bright - it's more subtle in real life, my camera is acting up again. ;-) Anyway, this is about tea bag art - the rage that was started in Africa from something that's regarded as worthless - a tea bag. Have a look here to see what is possible to make from the humble provider of tea comfort. The rest of the picture - the odd tree, the primitive tent and the ethnic moon is just my usual conglomerate of things that make me happy. The meaning of these are open to all and your interpretation is valid too. 255 x 255 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas ..thanks for having a look! again ..e^)

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