13 July 2012

This and that...

Have been busy preparing works for a couple of local art shows ;-) They promise to be huge, wonderful shows, not to be missed!!!

I'm chuffed to have five or six works in each of these shows:

Riversdale 39th Art Exhibition held 21 - 29 July at
73 Newcastle Street

and also

NZ Art Show held 2-5 August at
The Events Centre
Queens Wharf

'Nonconformist' (oil on stretched canvas - 900mm x 600mm) was selected as finalist in this year's Cliftons Art Award (which was won by Gary Roberts of Auckland).  Contact me if you're interested in owning this painting

Kindest regards


20/11/12 - This painting is now SOLD  ..e^)


Jo Murray said...

Good luck with your shows Erika. It's a gorgeous work... congratulations.

Erika Husselmann said...

Thank you Jo, you're so sweet! ..e^)

Deb's Creative Art said...

good luck, hey... how do you like fineartamerica.com? have you tried redbubble?

Erika Husselmann said...

thanks Deb.. I'm on both the mentioned websites and I think they generate traffic for my website ;-) http://arike.co.nz

Lilly said...

Wonderful painting! =)

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Hi, I have seen your pictures by Denthe and so I found your site. I love your stretched persons so much but also this one. Beautiful art work. It's really amazing and love your style.
Lovely greet

Erika Husselmann said...

Thank you Marja! I'm excited to go have a look at your 'stamp addiction' now.... Thanks for taking a look at my work ..e^)

Shelly Cartwright said...

Oh how different and Lovely!!! I love the expressions on there faces. Regards~Shelly

Erika Husselmann said...

Thanks Shelly ;-)

and thanks Lilly :-)

Anonymous said...


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