25 June 2017

What, why, where, who?

This image was a random find.. and having a geriatric mind, I just can't recall where this was from. I know it was in a public space somewhere between Auckland and Kerikeri - could even have been on a ferry or something? Anyway, it made me chuckle - and that is a major, to make someone chuckle out loud. To make someone take a piccie of the chuckle is even better.. and sharing it is a no brainer. Now if someone could just tell me where I found this, my happiness would be complete.

The creativity and pizzaz of people boggles the mind. Brilliant. Thank you invisible person. You might just be the next Banksy - keep going!

7 January 2017

week 24 - rain in Africa

Rain in large parts of Africa is scarce and precious, therefore so much appreciated and celebrated.. by animal and human alike.

This little painting is about that very substance, more precious than diamonds and gold. And it has a song that played in my head, over and over and over... Africa by Toto.

Rain in Africa by Erika Husselmann - 300mm x 300mm acrylic on canvas

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)


3 January 2017

week 23 - Spirits of Afrika

Happy New Year and a most wonderful 2017 to each and every amazing person that reads this. Bless you for following my art and having a look at what is cooking.

New year's resolutions? Pfffffft who needs them? Let's just carry on and up! So here is another of my little works I've been painting in between illustrating 5 (yes, five..) little books in the 'Adventures of Morley and Jack Rabbit' series, written by Paul Geerlings. The first two are already available on Kindle, while the hardcover and paperback release date is set for 1 February 2017.. yay!!

In the meantime here is 'Spirits of Afrika' - acrylic and graphite mixed media on stretched canvas, 300mm x 300mm x 3.5mm, ready to hang. The women of Africa are all made of African dust - like me ;-).. Signature (arike) left bottom as always.

Spirits of Afrika - by Erika Hüsselmann 2017/23

God bless ;-)

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