Gem 3 - dream coat

Continuing on with the small painting series for 2019/2020 summer season, here is nr 3 called 'dream coat' - and this one is magic: it brings you peace ;-)

This world we live in is in constant short supply, don't you think?

So with this little work I wish to say a big heavy thing: let's both wear a dream coat, my friend, and we could make a difference right where we are.

Wrap up tight now!
Thanks for looking
PS available here for a week or so ..e^)

Little Gem 1 and 2

It's nearly the end of this the year of our Lord 2019 and I have been buzzzzy working on a new body of work. Excited much to show it in 2020, but to celebrate and to give back a little to all those wonderful art supporters out there - do have a look at my latest 'little gem' series, specially created to be suitable as gifts (for yourself or someone else, yes) and small enough to fit in a suitcase if you'll be travelling over the summer holidays - hang it in the bach, my friend. They will be listed on as always - until someone suggests a better auction site, please.

With these little works I try to go really free in the application of materials, and I use whatever I happen to lay my hands on. So it's acrylic, graphite, modelling paste, oils, charcoal and then varnish to keep it all together. The sides are finished either by working around the edges, or painted black. The canvases are not new, but recycled ones that I rework - we have to look after our…

This and that et al

Hi all, it's great to pop back in here for a change - things have slowly been falling into place after our move to Maungaturoto - a really great little village in Northland.

Painting wise I have been chiseling away at getting this year's body of work ready to put on the market. I am truly enjoying creating with a measure of wild freedom and abandon, making layers, painting and re-painting. I have learnt that starting over isn't so bad, in fact, it's not bad at all. The process develops itself and the painting paints itself... I just have to turn up! I now have around 8 large canvases in the final stages of dealing with the edges, varnishing and stringing. It's a joy to have them around and I hang them in various places in the house - they speak to me... almost ;-) Here's a snippet from one called 'roos-paradys' (rose paradise)

Other creative things up my sleeve have been making some warm woolly goodies for kids in the area - I like knitting when we'…