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The Composer

Sold Week five and not bored with it yet.. I used Pthalo blue (what a stubborn colour!) burnt sienna and white. Thought I'd pick up a few notes, hang them on the line and see whether the music will play...! Just for fun. Size is 305 x 305 x 15mm - stretched canvas. See next week and thanks for watching.


Number four in the weekly paintings and I almost missed the bus... This one was done at the last moment and without lengthy planning, pondering and wondering, "just do it" is a good motto. And sometimes fast art is good art.. but you be the judge. Phew! Till next week... take care. Size 305x305x15mm By hook or by crook it's... sold already.

Balancing Act

Sold Week number three and I'm still going... This one took me a little longer for the detail work in it, but I enjoyed doing it. I usually play with it till I like it. Life does feel like a balancing act most of the time.. hm? The little painting is in oil and 255 x 255 x 35mm, thanks for checking my progress! See you next week..

The Joke

Sold Number two.. I've been thinking about how differently people can react to a funny. Humour is such an interesting thing and can depend on so many factors, even the mood I'm in. But a good belly laugh is always a heartwarming thing - as comforting as a good cuppa. The painting is 10" by 8" and on stretched canvas. Thanks for checking out my blog!

From One Daisy To The Next

Here it is... numero uno. I had fun doing this one - have been wanting to paint a penny farthing for some time. It took me about 3 hours to do, it's a small painting, 8" x 10" or 203mm x 254mm on a stretched canvas. After laying the base colours I blended it all, smoothed it over and then started working into the paint with my paint blender. Then added some more paint with my lovely new shader brush and there it is - done! Thanks for the visit.. I plan on doing another one soon, so feel free to pop in again.

Hi there..

.. and a peaceful and safe 2007 to you too. The aim of this blog is to get me to paint more regularly, in other words to cut surfing the web and dilly-dally and get down to business. Yes, yes I know an artist has to have the inspiration, but I believe there is much to say for some discipline and hard work too. Practice makes perfect, and that's what I intend to do... at least one painting a week. So here's to 2007 - may it be a good one for all!