From One Daisy To The Next

Here it is... numero uno. I had fun doing this one - have been wanting to paint a penny farthing for some time. It took me about 3 hours to do, it's a small painting, 8" x 10" or 203mm x 254mm on a stretched canvas. After laying the base colours I blended it all, smoothed it over and then started working into the paint with my paint blender. Then added some more paint with my lovely new shader brush and there it is - done! Thanks for the visit.. I plan on doing another one soon, so feel free to pop in again.


Posh Rose said…
Absolutely whimsical & beautiful. I love it. I was all set up for bidding on this last night on trademe, when my internet connection died - competely and utterly unexplainably - as I was placing my bid. Wasn't meant to be! [I am not sitting here looking bitterly at it, I really am not. ;p]

Gorgeous work, I can't wait to start collecting some of my own. Hanging in here until you reveal your next post!
Sorry you missed out on this one.. and thanks for the interest in my little works! Keep watching and you might find another you like...

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