Hi there..

.. and a peaceful and safe 2007 to you too. The aim of this blog is to get me to paint more regularly, in other words to cut surfing the web and dilly-dally and get down to business. Yes, yes I know an artist has to have the inspiration, but I believe there is much to say for some discipline and hard work too. Practice makes perfect, and that's what I intend to do... at least one painting a week. So here's to 2007 - may it be a good one for all!


donna said…
Hi Erika good luck with ur blog... I thought it would keep me from surfing the net... hehe but then I spent all my time catching up on everyone elses blog lol.... looking forward to keeping tabs on ur wkly paintings. take care cheers Donna :-)
Moira Marshall said…
Hi Erika, welcome to the Blogs! Looking forward to seeing your weekly updates!...Cheers, Moira. x
Thanks for your support, girls. Goodness, Moira, you really burn the midnight oil.. I hear what you say, Donna, and have to confess I tend to get lost in the www and will have to check myself too! Cheers, Erika..

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