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My Cats

Sold A crazy week, but I managed to finish the ninth little painting - with not much time to spare. Hopefully next week will see me more relaxed and with a bit more time to spend on these (addictive) wee paintings. I have listed this one on We Buy, click on the title to go there. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world. See you next week, and thanks for looking.

That's News

Sold The eighth painting for this year's project - this one about masks, a theme I revisit from time to time. It's on stretched canvas, 305x305x15mm and for sale (on Trade Me) if you live in NZ or Australia.. sorry to all other worldlings. See you next week..

Rachael's Sonata

Blog painting number seven, Rachael's Sonata was done using only two colours, a dark chocolate brown and white. There is a spot of red on the lips. Thick paint was plastered on the piano with a painting knife, the rest done with brushes. Size 305mm x 305mm x 15mm. I took my sweet time with this and I'm rather pleased with the way it has turned out. It sold yesterday. Thanks for the visit!

Heart Land

Sold Week 6 and on a roll.. took a little more time with this one and I think it shows... And yes, you've guessed - I love roses. The little painting is 305 x 305 x 15mm and only available to people living Down Under - click on the title. Thanks for watching... I'll be back!