My Cats

A crazy week, but I managed to finish the ninth little painting - with not much time to spare. Hopefully next week will see me more relaxed and with a bit more time to spend on these (addictive) wee paintings. I have listed this one on We Buy, click on the title to go there. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world. See you next week, and thanks for looking.


Moira Marshall said…
This is lovely Erica! It was great finally meeting you and seeing your work in person today. Your paintings at the Jafas Gathering Exhibition are beautiful too...
Posh Rose said…
Thank goodness I check your blog regularly! Gorgeous painting & now happily signed up with "WeBuy"... :)
Carol said…
This is an amazing work of art.Kudos to the artist!!I really loved it.Cheers!!Carol
Thank you Moira, Michelle, Carol, all your comments much appreciated. Lovely to have met you too, Moira.. your works are even better in the flesh and I plan to go back for an in depth look. Didn't have enough time yesterday to "fit the paintings on" so to speak...!

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