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Rainy Day

A real wintry day today and here we are with a Rainy Day for week 13. This painting was done in about 1 minute, using paint I was clearing off my palette with the painting knife. Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly art can happen, just to be proven wrong the next day when one can sit and sweat for 3 hours working on one eye... and do it over the following day. Size is 12" x 12" or 305x305x35mm Thanks for checking my weekly blog!

Under The Lilies

Sold Okay. Finished the one I intended to use for week 12, so as it is my own blog I can be whimsical and can do what I want!!! So instead of having the (still sogging wet) one below, we'll rather auction this one - just finished it. It's also wet, mind you, but I trust it will be firm enough in a week or so. That's it! Oh yes, it's 305 x 305 x 35mm again and I'm selling it on Trade Me.. See you next week... I think.

Purple Lime Light

The one that was intended for this week is not ready so have to stand over till next week. Purple Lime Light was finished a while ago and the purple paint is still too wet to touch.. so here's hoping it will dry enough so I can list it on an auction site. Thank you for visiting and checking out painting number 12...

Inner Ear

Sold Have been working on this one over the last few weeks - layering by glazing - just another experiment. I realized this morning that I need another one for this blog sort of immediately, and this painting was the first one that said: I'm ready! So here it is, number 11, called "Inner Ear" and size 305x305x35mm. Thanks for watching my weekly blog paintings! E^)

Eye Believe You

Sold Trial and error with number 10 - worked, reworked and reworked again, so now it's hands off. Sometimes one gets stuck in working the thing to death.. then it helps to down the brush, stand back and appreciate the way the thing wants to reveal itself. And then to have the grace to leave it alone! That's where I am with this one, a rather dark painting. It's listed on Trade Me
(Wow, got the link working...) Thanks for watching my little paintings... see next week.