Eye Believe You

Trial and error with number 10 - worked, reworked and reworked again, so now it's hands off. Sometimes one gets stuck in working the thing to death.. then it helps to down the brush, stand back and appreciate the way the thing wants to reveal itself. And then to have the grace to leave it alone! That's where I am with this one, a rather dark painting. It's listed on Trade Me
(Wow, got the link working...) Thanks for watching my little paintings... see next week.


Posh Rose said…
Ooooh, I LOVE Little Black Dress! I haven't seen this one before ... is it recent? Do you have any larger images of it? And lastly ... have you got anything similar up and coming? Thanks, and sorry for all the questions. ;p

PS: Webuy seems to be offline a lot - I've had problems for the past three days. :I
Hi Michelle, LBD is not a recent one, sold last June, but the good news is I'm busy working on a similar one... will be available on TM soon and it's a large painting.
Haven't had problems with WeBuy yet, but try the refresh button, hope it helps.. E^)
Michelle, you were right, Webuy was offline with the closing of my auction.. not very happy with that, so back to TM for me..
Posh Rose said…
Yes, it was - from before 7pm until after 8pm. I was sitting refreshing over and over waiting to bid for over an hour, but no luck with the site until after 8pm. The only problems I had with Webuy was always between 6 - 8pm - at least four nights over the course of your auction.

Looking forward to your newest blog painting - they're addicting for ALL of us!!!

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