Rainy Day

A real wintry day today and here we are with a Rainy Day for week 13. This painting was done in about 1 minute, using paint I was clearing off my palette with the painting knife. Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly art can happen, just to be proven wrong the next day when one can sit and sweat for 3 hours working on one eye... and do it over the following day. Size is 12" x 12" or 305x305x35mm Thanks for checking my weekly blog!


Very nice..You dont actually have to tell the world of the time factor..taking paint off is as you know an excellent idea cheers
Posh Rose said…
I find the time frame fascinating - a truly spontaneous combustion of creativity! After reading your blurb, I clicked the larger image for a closer look & I'm amazed at the depth of work created in that time span, any longer and it could've became contrived? I'm looking forward to seeing this on TM - it's natural but thought provoking.

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