Bikes and Kites

Week 20 and here we have bikes and kites - a good combination I think. That is if you have space enough and the terrain is not too rough.. I used gel and tissue paper and then dug in with paint, brushes and hands. Then added a little Indian ink and a touch of gold just for fun. The little work is 8" x 8" x 1/2" ... Thanks for looking!


Andy Elliot said…
Hey Erika,
Week 20 already! you've been much more consistant than me!! I'm sorry I missed out on purchasing your last one, I really liked it. I meant to get back to the computer before closing but.... andy
Hi Andy! Yes, I'm sort of surprising myself as I get bored with routine easily.. must be the fact that I can really go for it and do absolutely anything as long as it's on canvas, hehe. Good news, I actually did two of those that you liked, so will list the other one next week so you can have a look at it.. thanks for popping in!

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