Balanced Diet

A balanced diet in this case consists of an ice cream in each hand - how else could you balance on a shoelace? Week 49's little painting is on its way to Vita Rossa gallery in Te Horo, Kapiti Coast, NZ, along with a few other works of mine. If you're lucky enough to be in the area during the holidays, be sure to check it out.. thanks for popping in.. e^)


Ronda Turk said…
Hi Erika, I was at Vita Rossa today, I saw your paintings there. They look just stunning. One in particular caught my eye as I went in the door, a lady in a long dress with Poppy's around her feet and the most beautiful blue background.:) Ronda
A big thank you from the heart Ronda, this means so much to me as I've been wishing I could see them up in the gallery - but too far to travel for me as I'm in Auckland. I noticed on your blog that you also have work in Vita Rossa... way to go! Have a great Christmas time..e^)

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