Soul Patch II

I'm doing a small number of really tiny oil paintings - miniatures - and sell them on Trade Me
This one is 100mm x 100mm x 10mm, stretched canvas, sides painted and spells out the New Zealand I know and see, especially over Christmas when the Pohutukawa's are in full, red bloom. It works like music to the soul.. thanks for the visit, this is week 47's post.


Lynzart said…
Erika, I think this piece is gorgeous! I really love the summery colours, and it has such a "kiwi" feel about it. I look forward to seeing your next one! All the best,
Hi Lyn, thanks for looking and commenting! The NZ scenery is just irresistible isn't it - could make a good pressie for a Kiwi on OE I thought! I've added your site to my blog, thanks for the link on yours.. keep up the good work. Erika

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