Mona's Sister

I can't believe it - number 52! Introducing Mona's Sister, another miniature (10cm x 10cm) and done as a commission. I am still thinking about the direction of this blog, whether I will continue with the weekly paintings or do something different for 2008. Will let you know as soon as I know... in the mean time:

To each and everyone watching my blog for one whole year - and those that watched in between - I wish for you a peaceful, happy, safe Christmas time. All the best for 2008 - God be with you all. Love, Erika.


Tony said…
Hey! Awesome work 8)
Moira Marshall said…
Merry Christmas Erika, I have enjoyed popping in to your Blog throughout the year!
Cheers, Moira :-)
And from me too Erika! Love watching your work evolve.
Thanks Moira and Lulu, thanks for having my link on your blogs too - much appreciated. Do have a lovely time and a well deserved rest. I will continue to watch your blogs in 2008 - onwards and upwards! e^)xx
Debbie P said…
Hi Erica, I have enjoyed your blog all year and was lucky enough to pick up one of your paintings. I do love your work. Best wishes for 2008. Debbie
Thanks for the wonderful support Debbie! I'm still working on a few resolutions and am sure that the blog will be among them somewhere.. it was a good motivator during 2007. Wishing you a prosperous 2008 (and please keep watching..) e^)

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