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Welcome to my (one year old) blog - may 2008 be especially good to us all and may it bring peace in our minds, homes, neighbourhoods, cities, countries and the world.
I have thought long and hard about where this blog is heading for 2008 and I have come up with.. nothing. Except to let it evolve into the direction it wants to go - of which this painting is rather symbolic. I plastered some colour down, worked some more colour into areas, then I let my brush dance and play into nooks and crannies, emphasizing here and there and highlighting some other spots - totally whimsical. So maybe that is what I will do this year too, deo volente. I will paint that which inspires me, that which excites and charges me, that which fulfills me. And if in the process I can bring you a little joy, peace, even inspiration, then I have done my job. Do visit again soon and thanks for reading this :-) (255 x 255 x 35mm - oil)