10th ICE 2008

I have made a set of 13 collages for the tenth International Collage Exchange organised and run by Dale Copeland of Puniho, New Zealand.. explained on her site here.

Titles from top down are: After Five - Bee Line - Book - Fish Nets - Boxed Collection - Indian Wedding - Memoires - Pegged - Plane Meal - Shelly Beach - Song of Hope - Tackle - Notions.

Thanks for the visit.. Erika


wow wow WOW! Fantastic work Erika!
My favs are After Five and God Bless the Little Children:-) Not that you have called them that yet, but that's the writing I see:-) Well done you! Lxx
Thanks Lulu - I started with these in May last year and planned on getting them ready looooooong before closing time, but, you know the story! Thanks for commenting..e^)xx

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