bed of flowers - little gem #63

Naperville native Paul Sereno again has made a startling discovery: the Sahara Desert once was green.

The world-renowned paleontologist and his team came to this conclusion when they stumbled upon an ancient graveyard while searching for dinosaur bones. The graveyard, which contains the remains of two civilizations that lived more than 1,000 years apart, includes a triple burial. The skeleton of a woman lay in an embrace with two children, and evidence of pollen suggests they were put to rest on a bed of flowers 5,000 years ago in what is now the barren Sahara Desert. The slender arms of the youngsters were still extended to the woman in perpetual embrace when researchers discovered their skeletons in a remarkable cemetery that is providing clues to two ancient civilizations who lived there.

This 300x300x15mm painting is in oil, stretched and ready to hang. E^)


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