Parua Bay Gallery

'poppy dreams' is part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition at Parua Bay Gallery. Ten of my works are exhibited from 25 October till 16 November along with works by Ingrid Boot, Phillina den Dulk, Lauren Worsley, Janet Bothner-by, Daniel McDonald, Debra Fallowfield and Carolyn Parry. Hope you can have a look! -directions-


Anonymous said…
Hi Erika, hows the Parua bay Exhibition going, I see you are exhititing with other big names too!!! best of luck, they are sure to all sell, regards Les
Hi Les, although I couldn't be there they tell me the opening was a great success and they sold many paintings, more still to come as people come back for a painting they fall in love with. I'm chuffed to be part of this exhib and hope to make it a regular happening - if they want me!! Thanks for popping in, see soon! e^)xx

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