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it's my cello and I can play it any way I want

Had great fun with acrylics and gold paint as well as coloured pencils. This is 400 x 200 x 35mm on stretched canvas, strung and ready to hang. Everything is possible if one think outside the square: yes, you can play a cello with red gloves on (I said nothing about the sound, did I?)... yes, you can play it holding it to the left (I said nothing about correct technique either)... and yes, you can wear the sheet music on your head LOL!! As long as you keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground. Well, most of the time anyway. Hey, have a great, wonderful, safe, peaceful, healthy and blessed 2009 now - thanks for stopping by.. greetings, Erika. sold

red jandals

Poppyana in red jandals - this time painted in oils on 400 x 200 x 38mm stretched canvas. I love flip flops.. e^) sold

poppyana again

Here's another of these handmade cotton wall dolls - this one has long hair and wears stripey pants, crochet dress and red jandals. The koru (necklet) is the final very New Zealand touch... e^) sold

muse of music

400 x 200 x 35mm stretched canvas with acrylic paint in glazes.. just for fun and to celebrate music! Thanks for the visit..e^) sold

halala afrika

This was inspired by the Soweto Gospel Singers and a song by Johannes Kerkorrel called Halala Afrika. It is 400 x 200 x 38mm and painted in acrylics on stretched canvas, for sale here. Thanks for visiting my blog..e^) Sold

change of heart

This is a rework of 'looking after the small fish' of a few weeks ago. I added more colour and think it almost finished...LOL The size is 255 x 255 x 15mm and comes with the display easel. It's available on auction at the moment. Thanks for looking..e^) sold