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New acrylic painting, 12" x 9" on stretched canvas - no framing needed. This is about a mandolin I was gifted by my dad when I was a teenager many many moons ago - had to sell it when we moved house and country and still thinking about it and hoping it is making someone happy still with its delicate sound. Will be back with more little works soon..e^) sold

white rose

300 x 225 x 35mm stretched canvas, acrylic paints. I've just finished this and expect that the colours will intensify when I varnish it... can't wait! I studied painting flowers when I did china painting years ago and still love painting them albeit on small scale. Thanks for popping in..e^) sold

east wind

First one for 2009 and trying some brand spanking new artist watercolour pencils I was gifted - they are magic! I've laid down about 3 layers of colour, fixing each with a wash in between and building on each. Then added some indian ink to sharpen the image, size about A3 or 410 x 290mm, on white 300gsm acid free paper, ready to frame. Nice medium which lends itself to many hours of play - I can feel it coming... thanks for popping in! Hope to add many more...e^) sold