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walking the moon

;-) I like moonlight don't you? Would be nice to take the moon for a walk, all tied to a balloon string.. it's 400 x 300 x 35mm, in oil and done on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for popping in to have a look! e^) sold


Drawing is one of my majors this year and this is show and tell time... these are two samples of work, the first is life drawing and the second is a drawing of Elisabeth Eybers, an Afrikaans poet of great acclaim who died in 2007 at the age of 92. I used an old photograph from a magazine as reference.

som nambulist

Some things are inexplicable, like walking in your sleep - how come and why? Daydreaming - now that I can understand, but somnambulism scares me. This painting is in oil, it's 500 x 400mm on stretched exhibition canvas and for sale through Trade Me for now - thanks for looking..e^) sold