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watch the wind

Windy weather ahead... hold onto your hat! This is acrylic on stretched canvas 305 x 235 x 35mm or 12' x 9' - thanks for looking ..e^) sold

After Africa

Percy Thomson Gallery - Stratford, Taranaki ...till 13 April 2009

my gold feather -by arike 4/100

Mixed media (watercolour pencils, oil pastels and gold acrylic paint) on sugar paper A4 size. The gold reflects in this photograph, as well as the paper.. The background is actually black but is giving me more grey hairs in the struggle to photograph it. Whatever, it's a rework of the initial work which was really minimal - maybe too minimal LOL. Thanks for looking..e^)

rain in africa

This is acrylic on stretched canvas, 255 x 255 x 35mm or 10" square. I have experimented with a textured surface before I started painting and am quite pleased with the outcome. It is available for sale on trademe Have you heard of the Rain Queen of Africa? Fascinating.. "The Rain Queen's mystical rain making powers are reinforced by the beautiful garden which surrounds her royal compound. Surrounded by parched land, her garden contains the world's largest cycad trees which are in abundance under a spectacular rain belt. One species of cycad, the Modjadji cycad, is named after the Rain Queen." Thanks for visiting my blog ..e^) PS If you're interested in a print of this work please have a look at redbubble e^) sold

yellow gloves

..they're not just for doing the dishes oh no, they can make you dance too, no lies. This is 295 x 205 watercolour pencils on sugar paper and will need framing. Thanks for looking...e^) sold

i love my bag

New series of watercolour pencil drawings/paintings on sugar paper, size 295 x 205 ready to frame. Fun fun fun doing these - life is full of surprises, one just has to open one's mind to them so they become visible... never thought I'd love watercolour pencils so much, the Albrecht Durer one's are to die for. Thanks for looking!!!! e^)x sold