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penguin parade

Lots of fun with acrylics brushed on in a very free manner. I love penguins on wheels!! This is 12" x 9" or 305mm x 250mm x 35mm and on auction for this week. Thanks for looking...e^) sold

solitary dance

This is acrylic on 12" x 9" stretched canvas, ready to hang and available through trade me for this week. My eldest sister had this habit of dancing alone when she thinks no-one is looking, when the music moved her. It's mesmerising to watch, sometimes weird but beautiful - she has no dance training. This is for her ..e^) sold

cat walk

If you click on the image a life size picture will come up.. but I'm sure you know that already. This one is acrylics on stretched canvas, 300 x 225 x 35mm or 12" x 9" x 1.5" - ready to hang. I want the dress, oh and of course the cat ..e^) sold