ICE 2010

Time to get lost in all the paper again... it is International Collage Exchange time and this year I've finished mine early, making sure I don't miss it for another year..

You know the debris left over in travel bags when you've unpacked at home, those bits and pieces of pretty paper and memoires and cuttings from interesting art magazines, brochures collected on gallery hopping runs... too pretty to throw away so it lives in your travel bag. This series is called 'travel bag debris' and I added a pretty note on everyone so that it can be sent to that someone you had to leave behind :-) (oh and the fibre is from knitting done while travelling, love to keep the hands busy when not taking pictures)

Each one is 10" x 7" - thanks for looking..e^)


Nicole said…
Hi Erika,
this one is very funny. It's a nice idea for debris. I think the original would appear much more interesting. I discovered a lot of interesting parts and pieces. Very nice and playful work!
thank you Nicole! I did add a couple of elements into each collage, was good fun! ..e^)

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