I had my mind made up about painting a good honest abstract - but first I had to do the 'stract' without the 'ab'. A while ago we travelled through to Taupo from Auckland, through beautiful bountiful green land, hills and valleys, rich growth and the odd herd of cows or sheep. This resulted in this painting that I call 'lambscape' - 350 x 450 x 35mm in acrylic. Then on a loose piece of canvas I worked on abstracting my lambscape and after a number of stages the painting ended up looking like this: Next I went ahead and ripped the canvas to pieces, yes I did, remarkably easy too - canvas is a joy to rip - and placed the pieces on the original representational painting. Note that I had to have it on the horizontal, like the land, to be able to do this. Now we literally have realism supporting the abstracting of the lambscape. Now for me to be able to hang this on the wall, the strips will have to be collaged down, so I started playing with placement, and this is it. The end...e^)


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