Intermission is for naps, pit stops, a quick coffee, chats and anything that you can think of to get time to move faster. Often you find yourself in waiting mode when time seems to slow down just to make it harder, waiting for your kid to finish this karate lesson, waiting for the first boarding call at the airport. And then time speeds up when you sleep. You just closed one eye for a quick wink and.. you've missed the TV show you were waiting for. But sleep is sweet isn't it? Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 3mm or 10" x 10" x 1" stretched canvas, for sale through trade me ..see you soon ..e^)


Mi said…
And this sleepy girl is so beautiful... we say (I try to translate it) Beauty comes when you´re sleeping...
..and we say (I translate) 'what wonderfully sweet thing sleep is..' e^)xx
Mi said…
I agree ;-) So good night!

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