moon's stone dance

Meet Moon and watch her dance the stone dance.. she just can't stop! This is the latest in the 'little gem' series currently available on trade me. I plan on doing 30 and this one is number 9 - especially for the summer season 2009, that is in the southern hemisphere for the northerners out there :-) 225 x 225 x 35mm or 10" x 10" x 1.5" acrylic on stretched canvas ..e^)


Mi said…
Ooh- without any shoes and only a little dress... here in Europe it´s getting colder and colder :-)
Beautiful how she does her dance!
Thanks Mi! Here in little New Zealand the weather is just wonderful (with a couple of rain clouds included) - interesting how the weather influences our art, isn't it? ..e^)x
Mi said…
Yes! I can only paint with lot´s of sunshine around me... and I live in Germany, where it is mostly grey, rainy in autumn and winter. But our summers are often sunny und bright :-) So I don´t like to paint at the moment... Because I don´t earn my money by painting, it is okay for the moment ;-)

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