the red (hot) teapot

hey, I love teapots.. and tea of course. I recently remembered us learning this little rhyme in our first week in 'big' school way back in the previous millenium, it goes like this: this is my handle this is my spout pour me out pour me out ..with actions and everything. Now with English being my second language my (adult) son had a good laugh today when I demonstrated it as we used to do it in Sub A! So I went ahead and painted it... 225 x 225 x 30mm acrylic on stretched canvas. Thanks for the visit, see again soon..e^)


Mi said…
Great! Red and green, the complementary colours (so to write???)are dancing together!

Couldn´t you paint a coffee picture for me... ;-)

I love to write comments here, because I like your art and your funny answeres, too :-) mean 'red hot coffee pot'? Too hard!! ;-)
Mi said…
And a blue one :-))?!

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