three flying penguins

ok so I've had a week off... talking about intermissions LOL - here is what I've just finished, just a little bit of fun in the funny season. Actually I've been down memory lane and remembering those three flying ducks on the wall - every good home should have three flying somethings. So I think I'll paint another today..e^)


Mi said…
:-) Have a merry Christmas!
thank you Mi! Hope you had a good one too ..e^)xxx
Mi said…
Oh yes! I am as thick as you three fishies ;-) Our christmas dinner was so good... and to celebrate with the family is always funny!
And we had a white christmas :-))
I am so so jealous of your white Christmas!!!!! One day I will travel to Europe just to witness a white one for myself...e^)
Mi said…
;-)) Oh yes, come and see!
Some photos show the white beauty on my landscapes blog...! I cannot imagine a christmas in shorts!!

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