picking moon flowers

Picking moon flowers was done again in my limited palette of white, ultramarine and burnt sienna - my favourites for some years now. There is some texture on the dress and flowers. Acrylic on 255 x 255 x 15mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. Thanks for your regular visits ..e^)


Flowers said…
I am fascinated by your painting. It really looks awesome. You are a blessed artist. Everything on your blog looks perfect.
You're so kind, you make me cry ..e^)
Mi said…
She looks like in a dream! Again beautiful, Erika!! :-)
thank you Mi, you're so sweet! ..e^)
Anonymous said…
Oh Erika - this is my favourite - I LOVE blue - it is so beautiful - did I know you were so talented! Love you lots, e x x x p.s So sorry you are in N.Z cause I would have loved to have something like this in my house (aahh but could I afford it, loves x)
thanks e.. love you too, thanks for the comment! It's available as a print, have a look at the bottom of the blog... but when's your birthday??? ..e^)xxx

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